Nail Polish Declutter 2017 – Part 2

I never thought I was that into purple nail polish but I had more purples than anything else (except glitters. I love me some glitter)

  • ILNP – Ruby Sky – Keeping
  • ILNP – Showtime – Destashing (this is really similar to ILNP Diablo so I only felt the need to keep one)
  • Essie – Demure Vix – Keeping
  • Essence – Amazed by You – This was a gift from a dear friend who used to blog on Glamour Vortex and it’s an amazing shade – KEEPING!
  • Orly – Purple Crush – Keeping
  • OPI – Significant Other Color – Keeping
  • Bettie Pain Polish – Head In The Clouds – Keeping
  • China Glaze – Let’s Jam – Keeping
  • Orly – Hot Tropics – Destashing
  • China Glaze – Flying Dragon – I actually just found a draft for this polish from a year ago that I never posted. Bad blogger! – Keeping
  • L’Oreal – Berry Nice – Keeping
  • Essie – Coat Couture – One of those horrible cashmere finish polishes that flake off within hours of application – Destashing
  • Wet n’ Wild – On a Trip – Destashing
  • Wet n’ Wild Fergie – Ferguson Crest Syrah – Destashing
  • Essie – Full Steam Ahead – Destashing
  • Essie – Sexy Divide – Destashing
  • Salon Perfect – Purple Petal – Destashing
  • Orly – Fireball – Keeping
  • Revlon – Velvet Rope – My favorite red! – Keeping
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Black Dahlia – Destashing
  • China Glaze – Lubu Heels – Keeping
  • Milani – Ruby Jewels – Keeping
  • L’Oreal – Jolly Lolly – Keeping
  • OPI – Go With The Lava Flow – I accidentally got this one in two pictures…still destashing.
  • Lancome – 13 – This is soooooo old. It’s the first (any possibly only) high end nail polish I ever bought. I wore it once and hated it. Destashing.
  • Essie – Bazooka – The Essie neons get decidedly less neon over time. If you want a poppin’ neon look to Orly, they do amazing ones. Destashing
  • Essie – Sunday Funday – Destashing
  • OPI – Is Mai Tai Crooked? – Pretty polish! I just rarely reach for it. Destashing.
  • Essie – Camera – A solid hunk of goo in the bottle – Destashing.
  • Rimmel – Instyle Coral – Destashing
  • Formula X – Motivated – Destashing
  • Maybelline – Downtown Brown – Lovely shade! – Destashing!
  • Revlon – Autumn Spice – Destashing

I did actually get rid of some green polishes. Go me!

  • Essie – Trophy Wife – Destashing
  • Maybelline – Green With Envy – Destashing
  • Essie – Mojito Madness – Destashing
  • Color Club – Shine Theory – These are supposed to be color changing but they don’t change color – Destashing
  • Sinful Colors – San Francisco – Destashing (this stains like a mother!)
  • Rimmel – Rags to Riches – Destashing
  • Defy & Inspire – Sellout – This was the most disappointing nail polish. It looks like a duochrome but it’s watery and not at all duochromy. Destashing
  • ILNP – The Boulevard – Keeping
  • ILNP – Cozy Mittens – Keeping
  • Essie – For The Twill of it – Keeping
  • Formula X – Virtuoso – Keeping
  • OPI – I Have a Herring Problem – Keeping
  • Essie – Over the Edge – Keeping
  • China Glaze – Choo Choo Choose You – Keeping
  • Essie – Go With The Flowy – Destashing
  • Essie – Power Clutch – Destashing

Not sure why this one got it’s own photo… but it’s Formula X – Determined and it’s getting destashed.

  • Formula X – A+ – Destashing
  • Essie – Lights – Destashing
  • Essie – A Crewed Interest – Destashing
  • Essie – Mrs Always Right – Keeping
  • Essie – Eternal Optimist – Keeping
  • L’Oreal – Bubble Trouble – Keeping
  • Essie – Frock ‘n Roll – Destashing
  • Essie – Little Brown Dress – Destashing
  • Essie – Shearling Darling – Destashing
  • ILNP – Cygnus Loop (H) – What I’m wearing right now actually! – Keeping
  • OPI – Cosmo With A Twist – Keeping
  • Finger Paints – Urban Lights – Keeping
  • Essie – Bikini So Teeny – Keeping
  • Essie – After School Boy Blazer – Keeping
  • Essie – Strut Your Stuff – Keeping
  • ILNP – Valentina – Destashing
  • ILNP – Wallflower – Destashing
  • Essie – Starry Starry Night – Destashing – Also I think I double photod this guy. It’s an imperfect system ya’ll.
  • Color Club – Blue Skies Ahead – Destashing
  • Formula X – Prophecy – Destashing. This is such an amazing blue! It’s gorgeous! But it flakes like no other and ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • Essie – Aruba Blue – Destashing
  • Revlon – Chroma Chameleon – Cobalt – Destashing
  • Sally Hansen – Blue Me Away – Destashing
  • Essie – Naughty Nautical – Destashing

Started this post with: 84

Keeping: 38

Destashing: 46

Total start: 175

Total Keep: 86

Total Destashing: 89

I was hoping to get rid of at least half of my collection and I just barely squeaked by on meeting that goal. I’m pretty stoked!

I recently purchased three new ILNP polishes but I can honestly say that after this little project I have no real desire to acquire any new polishes. We’ll see how long that feeling lasts but it’s a good feeling.

Does your polish collection consist of mostly wearable shades? Do you have a lot of one color family? How often to you cull your collection or do you keep everything you ever purchase?


  • I cannot believe that it is nearly Christmas. I’m in no way ready for that to be a thing yet. This is the first time in a long time that I’d a little more stressed out by the holidays as opposed to excited. I’m sure once I’m done with work for the week that will help immensely.
  • Do you have any good book recommendations? I prefer something not too sad. I like adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian…I’ll read just about any fiction if it’s good.
  • I had a dermatology appointment yesterday because I was afraid I was getting another pre-cancerous lesion. Thankfully that wasn’t actually what it was but I had them freeze the spot anyway. Wear sunscreen people!



8 thoughts on “Nail Polish Declutter 2017 – Part 2

  1. Hmm I’m trying to think if I have a lot of purples – I don’t think I do. You also have a lot of bright summery shades! Are those mainly for toes? I’d say my collection is comprised of 75% wearable shades. I’ve been branching out to more “crazy” shades lately simply because I was buying so many duplicate colours. Greens are my least favourite nail polish shade… I mainly stick to vampy deep greens. I find actual greens to look weird and unnatural?

    China Glaze Let’s Jam is EVERYTHING! I never thought I’d like that bright colour on me but it’s surprisingly wearable.

    Ugh Essie cashmere mattes need to be stabbed through the throat. I still have them in my stash – need to destash those pronto.

    Whaaaat. I love Essie Sexy Divide! It’s such an interesting shade. That reminds me, I need to wear it.

    I think I own maybe 4 versions of the colour of Essie For The Twill of it… I cannot get enough of that duochrome green to purple-ness! ❤

    Aww I'm sad that Zovesta doesn't blog any more. I hope she's just out there, living her life and happy!

    Oh man, you did SO WELL with the destash! I keep saying that I need to cut my collection by half (um destash 400 polish!?!) but you did it! Do you find it harder to destash more expensive nail polishes like ILNP vs cheapo ones like Sinful Color? I think I'm more apt to keep a $20 polish than a $2 one…

    Glad your derm appointment didn't find a pre-cancerous lesion – how scary.

    I don't know what it is, but this Christmas season just seems to not sink in for me yet. Usually I'm stuffing my face with sweets and generally more into the festive mood. I'm just going through the motions and waiting for things to get back to normal. I'm mostly looking forward to relaxing over the break. 🙂

    1. I never would have guessed that I had so many purples! When I think of my favorite nail polish shades, purple isn’t what immediately comes to mind. But apparently it’s completely irresistible to me lol.
      I do tend to wear bright neon summery shades on my toes more often, but I’ll wear them on my fingers too. Or I’ll use them in “nail art”, if what I do actually counts as that 😀
      I like dark or murky greens, but I’m with you, true green shades look really strange on me. I’ll still wear them occasionally but it isn’t really a great look.
      Let’s Jam! is magical! It’s a bright, lighter purple and STILL manages to not look weird! I don’t know how they pulled that off.
      I concur on the scheduled stabbing of the Essie Cashmere finish. They must have had to try really hard to come up with a formula that is THAT bad. I hate them.
      Essie’s Sexy Divide looks so strange on me! The color itself is really pretty but it just doesn’t look attractive on me at all. I’m sure someone else will get much more use out of it than I will. You should definitely wear it soon! And post about it! (if you haven’t already…you probably have but my memory is really very bad).
      I can’t imagine the emotional drain that would happen if I had to destash 400 nail polishes. I think with your collection you’ve got a good thing going and you know what they say about messing with good things 😀
      I think I really am more prone to keeping more expensive nail polishes as opposed to cheaper ones. Although, when I get annoyed that a pricey polish isn’t as wonderful as I had hoped it would be, I really want to destash it. I get legitimately upset about it. I had a few polishes that were similar shades and I almost always kept the more expensive one. I think the only exception to that was that I destashed an OCC polish and kept the Sinful Colors one that I liked slightly more.
      I hope you got to do some serious relaxing over the holidays! Did it ever actually start feeling like Christmas? I don’t think it ever did for me. But I was super happy to have a break!

      1. I’m the same with destashing high end products instead of drugstore ones – sometimes the $5 one is just BETTER than the $50! I think about all that wasted money… 😛

        It was relaxing over the holidays. It wasn’t super festive but I enjoyed the eating and watching mindless tv. 😆 Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  2. Glad your dermo appointment went well ❤
    Have you read the Hangman's Daughter series (Oliver Potzsch)? The Warded Man series (Peter V Brett)? The Iron Druid series (Keven Hearne), or his new series A Plague of Giants?

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