Nail Polish Compilation!

Sometime life gets bonkers. And when life gets bonkers, I sometimes forget things. Things like rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, calling my friends, or posting the gobs of photos of awkward hand poses and finger nail polish swatches that are haunting my photo stream. So today I bring you a post with multiple nail polishes that I’ve worn over the last several weeks. 

Let the madness begin!



My Gecko Does Tricks – a beautifull bright grass green that just makes me inexplicably happy. Wear time was good, around five days, and application was easy.  Doesn’t that color make you happy? 

Significant Other Color – part of the permanent line, yay! This is my favorite nail polish of the moment and I’ve been wearing it often. It has good wear time and good application, no complaints and who doesn’t love a good duochrome? 



 Go With The Lava Flow – another from the Hawaii collection (to my knowledge this collection is still available as of April 24th).  This is not my favorite type of shade to wear but it’s undoubtedly pretty. An orange red shade with flecks of gold that, appropriately, is reminiscent of lava. Or fire. But we’ll go with lava. 



Fluorescent – from the Spring 2014 liquid crystals collection. I actually just purchased this in Spring 2015 in the clearance section of Sephora for $4.00. This is four thick coats and I still have a visible nail line. I think it made a pretty candy effect but I might prefer this as a top coat. It did chip within about 3 days but that isn’t unusual for a glitter polish for me. 

Maybe this weekend I’ll have time for a manicure again. And maybe I’ll have time to write some blog posts! And go for a run! Do you ever find yourself overwhelmingly busy but then you’re not even sure why? Like, what DID I do last week that I didn’t have time to call my sister? But at least it’s Friday (woot!) and I hope you have a rockin’ weekend 😊 

Cover photo is a baby box turtle. At least I think it’s a box turtle. Why a turtle? LOOK AT IT! It’s completely adorable!!

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