March 2017 Empties

Not to freak you out or anything, but we’re already done with the first quarter of this year. I’m starting to suspect that our timelines are being tampered with somehow. As you probably gleaned from the title of this particular entry, we’re here to chat about garbage today. I love empties posts! I hope you […]

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October 2016 Empties

I’ve been binge watching Doctor Who all morning so my brain’s a bit mushy and all of my internal dialogue is in David Tennant’s voice. You can take that to mean that this post might be a bit weird. That being said, let’s just jump right into my garbage bin so to speak! Let’s look […]

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July 2016 Empties

It’s been a while since I did an empties post. In fact, the last one was in March! So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you may need a snack before we get started because this could turn out to be a rather long post. I’m going to lump some things together […]

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March 2016 Empties

Hey Ya’ll! I have a whole mess of empties to talk about. Embarrassingly, a few of these actually moved with us because it never occurred to me to throw them away and have one less thing to relocate to the new house. Oy. Let’s start with the non-beauty related items. Bath & Body Works Sweet […]

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November 2015 Empties

I promise that we’re going to talk about empties in a minute but first I’m going to tell you why I can never go to CVS ever again. It was a dark and stormy night (actually it was just really foggy…) and  I had just jumped out of the shower, put on my pajama’s, was […]

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October 2015 Empties

Last month I got caught in a cycle of “I’m almost finished with x so I’ll just wait a few days for an empties post.” Two days later: “Yay x is finished! But I’m so close to finishing y, I may as well wait a day or two.” So now we’re in the last week […]

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August 2015 Empties

I used up some stuff. Let’s talk about it! Eye Cream Samples x 3! Ole Henriksen Ultimate Life Eye Gel Product Run Down: A blue gel eye moisturizer that claims to lift, firm and de-puff. It has a cooling sensation and while that feels nice, I’m not sure it’s really something I want in my […]

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April 2015 Empties

This empties session is 25% empties and 75% “I had to clean out my cabinets or everyone in my household would be in constant danger of being crushed under an avalanche of expired beauty products and things I don’t like but can’t throw away because I might like them five years from now”. But that […]

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Empties February 2015

There is something so incredibly satisfying about completely using up a product. Of course, sometimes it’s a little sad, but mostly, I get a deep sense of accomplishment when I finish a face cream or hit pan on a powder. I’m not going to ponder too deeply what that says about me. Empties posts are […]

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