Nail of the Week: Formula X Prophecy from the Brushed Metallics Line

Every so often I buy too many things at once and subsequently have a heck of a time figuring out which things to use first. The trials and tribulations of the beauty enthusiast am I right?

I recently purchased four new nail polishes from the Brushed Metallics collection from Formula X and they are all incredibly lovely but I had to try Prophecy first because this shade just glows. It also reminds me of my favorite nail polish in middle school. It was from Claire’s and it was called Camero and it was the first non-traditional nail polish that I ever wore. I felt like a total badass. Of course, Camero was not a matte shade (pretty sure that wasn’t a thing in the nineties) but it made my soul happy and Prophecy captures that little slice of joyful nostalgia for me.


See that mess on the accent nail? Behold my first endeavor at freehand nail art, uploaded to the inter webs for all posterity to shake their heads at. Good stuff man.

The only negative comment I have about Prophecy is that it chips like whoa. I experienced tip wear within twelve hours and minor chipping within 24 hours. After two days the chips are fairly significant. This issue is the same issue that I have with all matte polishes because you lose the added protection of that top coat. You know what though? I ain’t even mad. This shade is stunning and I’ll put up with the chips. It adds to the nostalgic effect of pretending to revisit the 8th grade and chipped nails being “rad” and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

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