Fotd – Dior Expose (all the colors!)

This post has actually been sitting in my drafts since December. I had everything all written out, but apparently just forgot to publish it? I don’t know. My brain cells are slowly being killed off by age and pinot grigio. Face: Diorskin Nude Air Loose powder Eyes: Light green in the crease Brown in the […]

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Fotd all the new things

As you know, I recently hauled quite a few makeup items. This was the first look I did after the second batch of items arrived. I was definitely trying to use as many of my new goodies as possible. Face:   Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation in Light 45 Too Faced Milk Chocolate […]

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NARS Laguna Bronzer

Do you remember a few years ago when NARS Laguna bronzer was THE THING to have and every blogger/vlogger/guru talked about it all the time? Pepperidge Farm remembers.  I haven’t heard anyone mention it in quite a while now so maybe that’s a testament to how fickle beauty fads can be. Obviously I purchased Laguna […]

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