FOTD – Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Queen Mother

With some palettes that I review I get tired of the palette before I’ve really finished testing it. I have to say I’m still enjoying the Queen of Hearts palette. It just keeps getting better every time I use it!



  • Benefit Dallas blush
  • Milano Luminoso blush
  • Essence Pure Nude highlight
  • Kay Von D Lock it Powder Foundation in Light 45


  • Base: Heir
  • Transition: Royal Prerogative
  • Outer corner and crease: Noblewoman
  • Inner portion of lid: Your Majesty
  • Lid: Queen Mother
  • Tightline and lower lashline: Maybelline Lasting Drama eyeliner in Glossy Emerald
  • Blending lower lash line: Heir
  • Inner corner: Crown
  • Blending: MUFE Vanilla
  • Mascara: L’Oréal Lash Paradise

These last three photos are serious contenders for the most potato quality photos on this blog. And that’s saying something. BUT…I think you can still see well enough to tell that the eyeshadow still looks really freaking amazing. The liner not so much but the eyeshadow held up amazingly well.

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