China Glaze – Let’s Jam!

Pastel purple nail polish can be a little difficult for me to pull off. It’s unfortunate but true. Every so often though I see a pale purple that just calls to me so I risk the dreaded lobster hand effect. Let’s Jam! is one of those shades, and fortunately, it didn’t make my hands look completely bonkers! Total win!


From the China Glaze website:

Fun & flirtatious, shimmery orchid is no wallflower.
Get down on it with the schweetest shade on the scene.
Nobody puts shimmery orchid in the corner.
Have the time of your life with the schweetest shade on the scene

I feel like the website description is a little weird to be honest.

This is such a lovely polish! It applied smoothly and wore well. I have a desk job so I almost always get a good solid week of wear out of my polish but this was no exception.


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