LORAC Mega Pro 4

Before we jump into the actual review I just want to say how thrilled I am that it’s finally cooling down outside! It’s such a relief to see the end of Summer and the perpetual state of melting. Woo hoo! I’m calling this a first impressions post but I have some fairly strong ideas about […]

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Nars Blush – Deep Throat

If you are an administrator for a website you can see (at least some) of the search terms that brought various people to your site. Most of the time it is something that makes total sense (in my case this is things like “my pretty zombie swatches” or “mac retro”). Sometimes the search terms make […]

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March 2017 Empties

Not to freak you out or anything, but we’re already done with the first quarter of this year. I’m starting to suspect that our timelines are being tampered with somehow. As you probably gleaned from the title of this particular entry, we’re here to chat about garbage today. I love empties posts! I hope you […]

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