NOTW: Rainbow Glitter Jelly Goodness

There are many black cream polishes out there but a-england’s Camelot is my favorite. It applies like a dream, wears for days (seriously, seven days before I saw a tiny little chip and seven days PLUS hauling loads of firewood before there was any tip wear)and is nearly a one coater if you’re skilled in the art of polish application (I’m not). Basically, I look for excuses to wear this polish so when I saw this great polish creation I decided I needed this look in my life. Plus it seemed like nail art that I could actually do (yay!).


1 coat of a-england Camelot
1 coat of OPI Rose of Light (from the Spotlight on Glitter release this last spring. Still available on Ulta and I’m not sure if this was limited edition or not. Obviously any glitter would work for this look)
L’Oreal Jolly Lolly, Berry Nice and Mango Mama all dabbed in random patches over my nails. These were from the Miss Candy collection that came out last year and are still available on amazon. Any crystal jelly polish would work.
1 coat of Seche Vite top coat

I think this turned out really nice and actually looked like it required a lot of work BUT was super easy. Who doesn’t love that?

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