Nail of the Week: Formula X Brushed Metallics Motivated

Orange and I are having a moment. Actually it’s gone beyond a moment and I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

My latest orange love is Formula X’s Motivated from their Fall Brushed Metallics line. It is a stunning burnt orange with red undertones and it just makes me happy. I’m currently wearing it as my nail color AND on my toes and I don’t think I’ve ever done that before (I have a hard time narrowing down my polish choices to two at a time, never mind one).

Besides being the happiest shade of orange, this polish formula is kind of amazing. You could almost get away with a single coat (!!!) and it applies smoothly and with ease (I did apply two coats but I’m really unskilled in nail polish application and need two coats to catch the bare spots that I totally missed on the first go round).

As with most matte polishes, it does dry quickly so you can’t dilly dally around during application but there is ample time to even everything out.


My only complaint with this polish is that it does chip on me. I had minor chipping within 24 hours but the chipping and the tip wear is less than Prophecy from the same line. If you’re willing to give up the beautiful matte finish, the chipping issue would be solved by a good top coat (also a gorgeous option!).

Motivated is also unique to my collection and I think that’s probably true for a lot of people. If you want a pretty fall shade that is a departure from the navy and oxblood shades, I highly recommend this polish!


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