Nail of the Week: Formula X Brushed Metallics in Determined

Determined really reminds me of MAC’s Blue Brown pigment. I’m going to carry on trying to describe it further but I’m warning you, this is probably going to go downhill fast so fasten your seat-belts!

The base color of Determined is a cool brown that makes me think of milk chocolate (mmmm…chocolate…). The brown base is heavily filled with very fine duochrome shimmer particles that shift between a pale violet and a vibrant turquoise with the heavier emphasis on the turquoise.

This is a matte finish although I found that the finish became progressively shinier every day. My awkward and blurry photo is on day two and you can see that it isn’t entirely matte anymore.

As with the other polishes in this line, this really chips quite badly within the first 24 hours. Bummer dude.


I do really like the color of this polish and I think this would be pretty with a shiny top coat as well. It just doesn’t hold up very well under pressure. And now you have David and Freddie singing in your head. I’m basically a magician yo. You’re welcome.

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