Essence Amazed By You – Nail of the Week

Happy Friday! I feel like I’ve been extra brain dead this last week so I’m glad to have fewer mental demands on my poor gray matter.

This manicure is actually from a couple of weeks ago but I’m behind on my polish posts.


This polish is really such a gorgeous shade. It reads as a deep purple in most light but in some light it comes across as an oxblood red. It’s dark without being blackened.

It wore beautifully all week with some minimal chipping and tip wear around midweek.

The above photos are 1 (and a half…because “nail art” is hard and I had to touch up some scruffy patches) coats over a single coat of OPI Nail Envy and topped with Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.

This polish was a gift from the ever lovely Zovesta of Glamour Vortex and it’s the first Essence polish I’ve tried. Now that I have an Ulta near by, I’ll have to try a few other shades from the line because this is a really nice formula!

What are you wearing on your nails this week? Have you tried any other shades from Essence? They have a really pretty minty green shade that is calling my name.


  • Thing Cat has a new boyfriend
  • Gray Cat isn’t wild about this development.
  • Dirty Martini’s are delightful!

14 thoughts on “Essence Amazed By You – Nail of the Week

  1. I noticed your mani in your previous posts and forgot to ask you about it! I love Essence polishes – small bottles but great formula and so inexpensive you can afford to try all the colours!
    I wore this on my nails this week:

    Love how Thing cat is in your background modelling. 😛 And the boyfriend looks like the type who would totally paint her toe nails for her. 🙂

    1. I actually quite like the small bottle too! I almost never use up an entire polish and it saves space 🙂
      I really dig that shade! I’m also now stalking you on instagram (in the least creepy way possible).
      She is such a little diva, she loves getting into photos, in fact, if you don’t see her it’s usually just because I cropped her out 😆
      Doesn’t he?! He’s so cute!!

    1. I love it! Thank you!!! 😀
      I always feel like for the amount of effort that really simple nail art takes me it should look way more precise than it actually does. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong lol.
      I’m officially a crazy cat lady. My sister in law urged me to get on Snapchat (way more fun than I had anticipated what with the silly filters) and my whole snapchat feed (or story? Is that what it’s called? I am not hip with the social media lingo) has devolved into multiple cat pictures. Plus pictures of me trying to face swap my cats (as yet unsuccessful).

      1. Ikr? Me too.
        LOL. I sympathize. 99% of my conversations with my sister and her brother and law are “look what the kitty’s doing!!” even if s/he’s just drinking some water. Cats are just perfect!! You need to have kitty blog posts.

      2. 99% of my conversations with any given person in my life are also about my cats lol. Cats drinking water is actually adorable! Gray Cat has started begging for water directly from the faucet and it’s the cutest thing ever. You should do cat posts too! We could start a cat series together!

      3. Yes!! Our cat Eddie (the one who had the mouth infection) sits in our sink and screams for water. Whenever we get a glass of water (or any other beverage), he sticks his head into it and drinks.
        Yes, totally. ❤ Bonus of living in the country: no limit on the amount of animals you can have. We've got five cats inside, it doesn't feel like any. =(

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