ILNP – Fired Up

Dude. This polish. It’s insane. Photos do it no justice. Not that this will stop me from posting lots of them. It’s how I do. (although I totally neglected to take a picture of the bottle. You know what nail polish bottles look like right? I hope so because right now I’m totally surrounded by […]

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ILNP – Salem

Now that I’ve pitched half of my nail polish collection, I’m going to talk about new nail polish! Sometimes this blog is a bundle of contradictions but that’s life. After this last order of nail polish from ILNP I decided to unsubscribe from their newsletters. Their photos are just too much temptation for me. That […]

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ILNP – Valentina

We are finally through all of the ILNP 2016 Summer Shimmers! (Except for the hot pink shade in the collection, I didn’t buy that one and got That Other Girl instead. That sounds so salacious!). From the ILNP website: Valentina is a uniquely delicate shimmer with a lovely twist! This ultra sheer beauty radiates stunning […]

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ILNP – Diablo

ILNP totally has me figured out. Every so often they’ll send me a cute little email with a sneaky little coupon and I mean honestly, who can resist a coupon? Clearly not me. Before I delve into the photos of Diablo, I want to just share a couple of photos of the packaging on this […]

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ILNP – Bishop

A while back I ordered three nail polishes from ILNP and today I want to take a quick look at the last polish from that order, Bishop. (The other two were Spiced Eggnog and Cygnus Loop H) If you are a green or gold nail polish lover then you really might just NEED Bishop in […]

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ILNP – Cygnus Loop (H)

Howdy! I mentioned previously that I made my first purchase from ILNP and that said purchase was initiated by my desire to own their shade called Cygnus Loop (specifically the holographic version because I’m all about that sparkle life). Well today, I’m here to say that I have zero regrets as far as this nail […]

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ILNP – Spiced Eggnog

Quite some time ago I read a review of ILNP Cygnus Loop nail polish and totally fell in love with it. I then proceeded to do that thing where you waffle back and forth and put items in your cart an then talk yourself out of purchasing but go back to the website a few […]

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NOTW: aengland Camelot

I know that black creme nail polish is pretty easy to find and most polish lines carry them. However, aengland‘s black creme polish is really nice. Camelot is very nearly a one coater and if you are even slightly more skilled in polish application than I am (I do hope for your sake that you […]

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