NOTW – Rimmel Rags to Riches

Rimmel has completely changed their polish line since this shade was released many moons ago. So sadly, we’re looking at another discontinued nail polish but I’m actually hoping that you can tell me what some contemporary alternatives to this shade would be. I can’t really find anything similar in my collection and to my knowledge it’s a bit of an unusual shade.

rimmel_rags_to_riches_bottle rimmel_rags_to_riches_swatch

This was a really nice polish formula, it went on really smooth, didn’t flood my cuticles and didn’t streak as most metallic polishes tend to do. I had visible tip wear after about 3 days but no real chipping.

In the photos I’m wearing one coat of OPI Nail Envy, three coats of Rags to Riches, the accent nail has one coat of OPI Goldeneye and it’s all topped with Seche Vite quick dry top coat.

Do you have something similar to this in your collection? I have a couple of green metallic shades but they all have a duochrome or are just more warm toned so nothing quite this mossy.

10 thoughts on “NOTW – Rimmel Rags to Riches

  1. Wow, this looks badass on you. =o Have you checked out Zoya’s polishes? They make some pretty green ones.
    There’s Rina, which is a much brighter blue-green, Ivanka, which is a bright grassy green, Midori, which is kind of a pearly sour-apple green, Apple, which is a yellowish grass green, Rikki, which is kind of a dulled swampy green (you might really like this one, it’s just a bit lighter and brighter than this shade), Logan, which is an Irish-y forest green, and Chita, which is a dulled, dark forest green.
    Out of all of these, I’d definitely recommend at least looking into Rikki and Chita, which seem right up your alley. :>

    1. Girl, you have a gift! 🙂 I definitely need to check out zoya, those are all beautiful. From the quick swatches I just looked up, I think Rikki looks really similar to the Rimmel one. But Apple is also pretty close.

      Aaaaand now I need Logan and Midori.

      Thanks for the awesome recs!

      1. A gift… or just too much free time and access to Google Image Search?! The world may never know. 😉
        Zoya polishes are wonderful, and cruelty free to boot. I definitely recommend checking them out! =)

    1. I didn’t realize Zoya had such an amazing shade range but there are definitely a few similar colors that Zovesta mentioned which is awesome!

      THANK YOU! 🙂 that’s really sweet!

  2. Neat colour! I’m not a green colour nail polish person so I can’t offer many recommendations – but it looks like Zovesta has you covered! At first glance, I’m thinking this has a green / gold duochrome shift so it might be meant to be a Chanel Peridot copy… but it’s much more sage than golden. Don’t you hate it when companies discontinue stuff you love? At least nail polishes won’t run out as fast.

    1. Zovesta is a star right?!
      I kept thinking it is like Peridot sans duochrome.
      I honestly never realized how often companies discontinue products until I started my blog. Now it seems that half of the products I own have been discontinued!

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