Nail Polish De-clutter 2017 – Part 1

I really hope you enjoy this type of post. It’s sort of like the antithesis of a haul! That’s fun right? I actually love reading declutter posts or watching destash videos on YouTube. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to keep everything you’ve ever purchased. There’s also that whole concept of what you own ends up owning you. I’ve always been ok owning a bunch of stuff but lately I’ve just found it overwhelming so I’m downsizing.

Enough rambling! Let’s look at my gigantic nail polish collection and find out what I’ve decided to keep and what I’ve decided to give away. I initially sorted everything roughly by color and then did photos broken down by which polishes I’m keeping, which one’s I’m giving away (or just throwing away) and which ones I was undecided about. I ended up going back and getting rid of more after my initial analysis so really this is all just chaos up in here. Enjoy!

I love linear holographic polishes. I’m not really destashing any of those.

  • Nail Nation 3000 – Amazeballs – Keeping – Nail Nation 3000 does some of the most holographic polishes I’ve seen so far. So shiny. Much wow.
  • Nail Nation 3000 – Glam Bot – Keeping
  • Cirque Colors – Panacea – This is a gorgeous shade but it doesn’t work with Seche Vite top coat – Keeping
  • Color Club – Harp On It – This is one of my all time favorite nail polishes, I’m not sure why I’ve never done a post on it but I’ll make sure to do one in the future! – Keeping
  • Color Club – Beyond – Keeping
  • ILNP – Spiced Eggnog – I wanted to love this polish, and it is super cool! But it looks so freaking weird on me – Destashing
  • Essie – Sequin Sash – Very sheer and very unflattering on me – Destashing
  • Orly – Front Page – Keeping
  • Essie – Ballet Slippers – This is one of my favorite nude shades – Keeping
  • Milani – White on the Spot – This is actually a fantastic true white but it’s getting pretty goopy – Destash
  • Covergirl – Forever Fawn – Another perfect nude! – Keeping
  • OPI – Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around – Keeping
  • OPI – My Boyfriend Scales Walls – Keeping
  • OPI – My Vampire is Buff – Keeping
  • Essie – Marshmallow – Keeping

These are mostly textured polishes, the leather finish, that weird sand finish. I just can’t deal with that at all. Occasionally I can do a matte finish but anything more exotic than that just drives me up the wall.

  • Sinful Colors – Leather Loose – Destashing
  • Maybelline – Vintage Violet – Destashing
  • OPI – Can’t Let Go – Oh yes I can! Destashing!
  • L’Oreal – I Like it Chunky – Actually I do not like it chunky. What a freaking name. Destashing
  • Maybelline – Classic Camel – Destashing
  • Revlon – Matte Pearl Glaze – Destashing
  • OPI – What Wizardry Is This? – The bad kind. Do you like sand polish? I assume some people do but it just totally skeeves me out. Destashing
  • China Glaze – Ghoulish Glow – This is kind of cool but it only slightly glows in the dark – Destashing

I don’t even know how I ended up with so many base and top coats. Bananas!

  • Orly Bonder – This made my nails peal – Destashing
  • Essie – No Chips Ahead – Takes too long to dry – Destashing
  • Nail Nation 3000 – Green Apple Coat – This came free with purchase which is super cool! But I’ve never used it – Destashing
  • NYC – Matte Me Crazy – This only makes your polish matte for about a day. Also, what happened to NYC? Are they still around? – Destashing
  • Nail Tek II – This is a fine base coat. Not sure why I’ve been keeping a mostly empty bottle though – Throwing away
  • Out The Door – Keeping
  • Sally Hansen – Big Matte Top Coat – Not awesome but handy for nail art – Keeping
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat – My favorite top coat – Keeping
  • OPI – Nail Envy – Keeping
  • A England – The Shield – Perfectly fine top coat but I generally just use Seche Vite – Destashing

Yay metallics!

  • Sephora by OPI – Keep Me On My Mistletoes – Keeping
  • Essie – Leggy Legend – Keeping
  • Zoya – Faye – Keeping
  • Essie – No Place Like Chrome – Keeping
  • Essie – Penny Talk – Keeping
  • ILNP – That Other Girl – Keeping
  • Revlon – 1000 Volts – Destashing
  • Essie – ‘lil Boa Peep – This is a magnetic polish and the magnet effect is complete rubbish. The color is super pretty though! I just never use it because I’m so annoyed about the magnet – Destashing
  • Sinful Colors – Whipped – This is a matte polish and I never use it – Destashing
  • A England – Camelot – A perfect almost 1 coat black – Keeping
  • Milani – Twinkle – Perfectly nice but too old to use – Destashing
  • Sally Hansen – Pearl Crush Shell & Tell – This is just difficult to work with – Destashing
  • Sinful Colors – Star Blast Off – Not sure why I even bought thiss? – Destashing
  • Essie – A Cut Above – Destashing
  • Essie – As Gold as it Gets – Destashing
  • Formula X – Fluorescent – I hate this color. That is all. – Destashing
  • Essie – Pure Pearlfection – Destashing
  • Sally Hansen – Gem Crush – Glitz Gal – Destashing
  • Sally Hansen – Fuzzy Coat – Tweedy – Destashing
  • Sally Hansen – Fuzzy Coat – Wool Lite – Destashing
  • Sinful Colors – Tinsel & Shine – Destashing
  • Sinful Colors – Green Ocean – Destashing
  • Essie – Stroke of Brilliance – Destashing
  • Revlon – Facets of Fuchsia – Destashing
  • China Glaze – Ghostess With the Mostess – Destashing
  • Revlon – Celestial FX – Destashing
  • Wet n’ Wild – Kaleidoscope – Keeping
  • OPI – Rose of Light – Keeping
  • Revlon – Holographic Pearls – Keeping
  • Wet n’ Wild – Mega Rocks – Rising Star – Keeping
  • Essie – Peak of Chic – Undecided, I want to swatch this again and see if it’s something I’ll use for nail art. I know I don’t care for it too much on it’s own. I’ll report back!
  • Essie – Hors d’oeuvres – Undecided for the same reason
  • Essie – On a Silver Platter – Undecided
  • OPI – Goldeneye – I really should destash this because I never use it but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s one of those weird nostalgic polishes – Keeping
  • Wet n’ Wild – R-U-Free-2_Dance? – Keeping, this is an AMAZING shade
  • Orly – Gossip Girl – Keeping
  • Essie – Shine of the Times – This is the most amazing flaky, I love it! – KEEPING
  • Essie – Starry Starry Night – I wanted this to be perfect but it’s just kind of meh – Destashing
  • Pure Ice – It’s Complicated – Keeping
  • Wet n’ Wild – Hallucinate – Keeping
  • Maybelline – Gilded Rose – Keeping
  • Sephora for OPI – Don’t Be Eggnog-ious – Keeping

I lost a picture somewhere here. Such is life!

  • Revlon – Stormy Night – I LOVE this gray, so sad it was discontinued – Keeping
  • Essie – Armed and Ready – Keeping
  • Wet n’ Wild – Under Your Spell – I can’t make up my mind about this one. I’ll wear it and decide. Look for a nail post soon. Soonish. Maybe.
  • ILNP – Diablo – Keeping
  • OPI – We The Female – Destashing
  • Unknown Sinful Colors shade that solidified in the bottle – Throwing in the garbage 0_o
  • Essie – Toggle to the Top – Destashing
  • Nicole by OPI – Deeply in Love – Lovely shade but I have a lot of similar shades – Destashing
  • Sinful Shine – Mirror Mirror – I’m actually keeping this shade instead of OCC Black Dahlia. They’re similar but this is a bit less purple.
  • Revlon – Delicious – Destashing
  • OPI – 5 Apples Tall – Destashing
  • Sinful Colors – 24/7 – This is pretty streaky but the color makes me happy – Keeping
  • Essie – Fiji – Destashing
  • China Glaze – That’s Shore Bright – Keeping
  • Essie – Secret Story – Keeping

I had a really difficult time parting with any of my green nail polishes. It’s a problem.

  • Sally Hansen – Loden Green – Keeping
  • OPI – Suzi The First Lady of Nails – Keeping
  • Zoya – Hunter – Keeping
  • Butter London – Wallis – Keeping
  • OPI – My Gecko Does Tricks – Destashing
  • OPI – Just Spotted The Lizard – Keeping
  • Formula X – Over The Top – Keeping
  • Revlon – Rain Forest – Undecided, I want to swatch this and see it in action again. I doubt it’s as amazing as I’m remembering it.
  • L’Oreal – The Muse’s Attitude – Keeping

One more photo! At least, one more photo in part one.

  • Essie – Sable Collar – Keeping
  • Essie – Bahama Mama – Destashing
  • ILNP – Lilac Bridges – I gave this a very good review and it IS a very good polish. It’s just not a shade that I enjoy wearing – Destashing
  • Essie – The Lace is on – Destashing

De-cluttering posts are odd because honestly, you probably just scroll quickly through and stop if a picture catches your eye. I don’t know if other people find that interesting or not, I do, but I might be weird! Anyway, if you actually made it this far, THANK YOU!

I’ll post the next half in a separate post.

Starting number of polishes in this post: 91

Destashing: 43

Keeping: 48

Undecided pending swatching: 5

I was hoping to get rid of more than half of my collection over all. We’ll see how it ends up in Post 2!

4 thoughts on “Nail Polish De-clutter 2017 – Part 1

  1. I would never ever destash holos unless the strength of the holos suck or if I have dupes!
    You just can’t go wrong with nudes! I love LOVE Essie Marshmallow!
    Any textured polishes would have gone into the bin a long time ago for me. I hate that stuff. And omg you fell for those Fuzzy Coats from SH – they were the worst. Removing them required a razor blade… to slit my wrists! 😮
    Oh man, Orly Bonder made your nails peel? It’s my HG base coat… I even have a large salon sized bottle of it that I decant from!
    I wanted Essie Starry Starry Night to be awesome but it was full of suck. I renamed it Tarry Tarry Night. Ugh.
    I want a salon sized bottle of Essie Shine of the Times though. Make that happen, Essie!
    Butter London Wallis is so stunning – never let it go! (I still haven’t worn mine, I just keep staring at it in the bottle)
    According to my spreadsheet, I have 805 nail polishes now… if I did this exercise with my collection, it will take ages and I will likely be very very sad at the end of it all. 😛

    1. those damn fuzzy coat polishes! I bought them thinking they’d look cool in a jelly sandwich situation but you’re totally right. They are the worst. So many people love the Orly Bonder! It really makes me wonder if the nail issue was due to something else. Kind of afraid to risk it though. My nails are roug enough as it is!
      I’m dying at Tarry Tarry Night! 😀 And I would be all over a giant sized Essie Shine of the Times. It’s the best flakie out there.
      OMG YOU HAVE TO WEAR WALLIS! Although it’s almost prettier in the bottle than it is on the nails. It’s one of the few polishes that I actually lusted after for years before finally buying it. No regrets.
      It makes me irrationally happy that you have 805 nail polishes. I feel at that point you can’t do a project like this. You have to keep them. Also, now I know who to go to for any and all polish related questions lol

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