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While a beautiful true red nail polish is undoubtedly elegant and a lovely pink polish is fresh and girly, when it comes to nail lacquer, my heart belongs to the slightly less traditional color schemes. After “oohing and ahhing” over multiple YouTube guru’s lovely golden green manicures, I finally managed to get my grubby little paws on a bottle of butter London’s nail lacquer in Wallis.

butter London describes Wallis as:

A tarnished, metallic olive gold nail lacquer, as mysterious and regal as its namesake.

In honour of the Saucy Yank who ran away with the king’s heart.

I occasionally fancy myself as an history enthusiast so their definition of Wallis sent me to Google where I learned  about Wallis Simpson (formerly Bessie Wallis Warfield). Probably you already know about her because you’re super clever, but this was all news to me. To sum up, Wallis was an American who after divorcing her second husband, fell in love with Edward Prince of Wales who ultimately abdicated the throne in order to spend his life with “the woman (he) loved”. Clearly there’s quite a bit more to this story but that’s the ultra condensed version. How rad is it that butter London puts so much thought into their nail polish names? And that’s why these puppies are $15.00 a pop.

I encourage you to research Wallis for yourself as I’ve had a couple a bit of wine tonight and refuse to be held responsible for historical inaccuracies contained in this post. But feel free to point any inaccuracies out in the comments! I’m all about the learnin’ up in here!

I just remembered we’re all here to talk about nail polish. My bad.

butter_london_wallis_1 butter_london_wallis_2

Wallis is an almost dusty deep olive green filled with amber flecks that give it a warm metallic look without detracting from the gorgeous olive base. Because this is a metallic finish, the depth of color and the reflection of the gold flecks varies depending on the lighting.


Fairly easy application although this polish feels like it dries very quickly (almost at the speed of a matte polish) and can tend to get goopy if you don’t work quickly enough. I had no issues with streakiness.

Because this felt like it was drying quickly, I proceeded with the next coat after a couple of minutes when the polish no longer felt tacky (this is my normal SOP) and I followed the same routine to apply my top coat (Seche Vite). A full hour after applying my top coat I managed to completely indent the polish and slide it around on my nail. I have no idea if I did something wonky during application or if there was a weird reaction between the polish and my base/top coats. I’ve never had that happen before with any nail polish so it’s worth noting.

Longevity: I’ve been wearing Wallis for approximately five days and have experienced chipping only on the “wonky” nails.

Overall, Wallis is a beautiful shade and I’m glad to have it in my collection however, I’m not so blown away by the butterLondon formula that I think that the price tag is warranted.

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