Nail of the Week: Wet n, Wild Mega Rocks in Rising Star

Rising Star is part of the Wet n’ Wild Halloween collection and was a complete impulse purchase. The sweet cashier at Walgreens said she had purchased it and that it was her new favorite. Who could resist that kind of temptation? Obviously not me.

I expected this to be a standard glitter top coat and was pleasantly surprised when it was nearly opaque coverage in a single coat. The base is composed of very fine and dense glitter that subtly changes from yellow gold to pale pink, with small and medium pale pink hexagon glitters. The photos are two coats with no top coat (although I applied Seche Vite later to ensure good wear time).



Application: fantastic! This is the type of polish that is difficult to mess up.

Wear time: amazeballs! I went a full 7 days with no chips! I ended up chipping one nail while trying to depot eyeshadows. One. That’s it.

Removal: ugh. I hate removing glitter polish. There’s a trick where you saturate a cotton ball with nail polish remover, press it over your nail and then wrap your finger in foil but ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

I highly recommend this. It’s glittery goodness in a bottle. It almost reads as a metallic neutral polish so it’s actually wearable for even those with more conservative taste.

Have you tried the Mega Rocks line before? Are all of the shades this good or is this just a particularly nice one?

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