Essie Fiji

Today’s nail polish is actually a permanent shade that is easily accessed at your nearest drugstore! Now isn’t that nice.

Essie Fiji

I attempted a bit of nail art and ended up hating it so this is a LOT of coats of Fiji. Because I thought that applying multiple coats of polish to cover up bad nail art was easier than starting over. In retrospect that makes no sense.

White based pastels can sometimes be a little tricky during application and Fiji is no exception. It’s not difficult or bad it just has a tendency to apply a little streaky. I usually need three coats to get a full and even coverage. Once it’s applied, Fiji is lovely!

I’m still digging the whole painting the back side of my nails thing and this week I used what might be one of my favorite polishes of all time: Color Club Harp On It. It’s perfect in every way.


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