FOTD: Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Crown

How goes it friend? I have another Coloured Raine post for you today.



  • Becca blush in Snapdragon
  • Essence Pure Nude Highlight
  • elf tTine Correcting Powder in Cool


  • Base: Heir
  • Transition: Royal Prerogative
  • Outer half of lid: Empress
  • Inner half of lid: Crown
  • Mascara: L’Oreal Lash Paradise

End of Day:

I forgot to take a photo before I went for a run so this makeup has been seriously put to the test. It did look better before I sweat most of it off but honestly, I think it looks pretty good all things considered.


  • I’ve been neglecting my yoga practice lately. Besides my reduced flexibility I’m really noticing a difference in my general peace of mind. My thoughts are always racing and I’m really lacking focus. It’s amazing how much of a difference yoga makes!
  • What are your thoughts on snail slime is skin care? It works so well with my skin but I’m really sketchy on how humanely it’s obtained. If you know any details on how it’s harvested I’d love to know!
  • I’ve been eating a more plant based diet lately and it really seems to be agreeing with me! I never thought I’d do well with reduced meat intake but I feel pretty damn good.

5 thoughts on “FOTD: Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Crown

    1. I have been really impressed with this palette. I don’t really want to ever stop using it. You should definitely check them out! I’d love to hear what you think of them! And THANK YOU! ❤

  1. So is the Crown shade more like a silvery topper? I like the glow it gives!
    Yes, I like snail slime skincare! I got a tube of the famous Mizon one and have used sheet masks.

    There was a HUGE online debate about how the ethical way they are harvested which included Caroline Hiron. See here (I am linking in the chronological order of how the drama unfolded):


    1. I never think to use shades like this as a topper but I’m going to do that tomorrow and see how it turns out. I’ve really just been using it as a highlight but it’s a lovely shade.
      That Mizon snail moisturizer is amazing isn’t it? I didn’t re-purchase it because I was worried about the snails but it was a lovely product.
      I can always count on you for the best references. You’re the bomb! I’m going to go immerse myself in snail drama now lol

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