Zoya – Hunter

This post is a long time coming. I’m really bad about taking photos of manicures, starting a draft about the polish and then just not finishing it. It’s a problem really!

Anyway Zoya Hunter was part of a major haul that I posted way back in March.

Hunter applied very well, no issues at all. It also wore very well. It also stained my nails a bit. Nothing insane, but definitely more yellow than prior to wearing this polish.

While I like this polish, I don’t love it. There isn’t anything wrong with it beyond the minor staining and the shade is very pretty but I think I have other greens that I enjoy more.

Do you love green nail polish? If so, what’s your favorite? I’m such a sucker for the olive/yellow based greens.

5 thoughts on “Zoya – Hunter

  1. Green polishes are one of my least collected colours. I just don’t gravitate toward them. I have a couple that I keep around for the holiday season (shimmery green) and some are really vampy they almost register as black.
    By the way, your nails are SO LONG. 😮

    1. I suddenly developed an obsession with green polish about a year ago maybe? Prior to that you could not have convinced me to wear green polish outside of the holidays.
      The nails here are out of control. I’ve since cut them down to a reasonable length 🙂

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