ILNP – Lilac Bridges

We’re moving right along through the ILNP 2016 Summer Shimmers collection aren’t we! Today let’s take a look at the pastel purple in the collection.


From the ILNP website:

Lilac Bridges is just… wow!

What we have here is an incredibly delicate lilac shade kissed with an assortment of gold shimmers for a heavenly finish. Look closely in the right lighting and you’ll catch gorgeously subtle hues of red travelling up the curves of your nails. If you’re into delicate shades, Lilac Bridges is an absolute must!

The semi-translucent, jelly-leaning formula of our shimmer polishes allows for maximum balance, depth, and effect payoff. Great on their own or paired with your favorite base colors, the versatility of our shimmers is sure to keep you busy discovering new and beautiful finishes!

Fully opaque in 3 to 4 coats.

That red shimmer that they mentioned is totally there. The overall effect of the gold and red shimmer in this polish is really stunning! I generally find pale purple shades much too cool toned for my coloring and therefore have a difficult time pulling them off without having “lobster hands”. Not so with Lilac Bridges! While it isn’t the most flattering shade for me, it isn’t unflattering and honestly, I’ll take what I can get when it comes to pastel purple polish!

I initially applied only two coats of Lilac Bridges and the color was good with that but I still had quite a bit of visible nail line so I added a third coat after I had already done my top coat. What I’m trying to say with that run on sentence is that the above photos are a bit of a mess really. It’s one coat of OPI Nail Envy, two coats of Lilac Bridges, one coat of Seche Vite, another coat of Lilac Bridges and yet another coat of Seche Vite. Needless to say, this manicure wore like steel! I have no tip wear and no chips after a week. My nails also feel indestructible so if you have issues with chipping or weak nails maybe try multiple top coats?

Lilac Bridges is limited edition for the summer 2016 collection and can be purchased for $10.00 from ILNP.


3 thoughts on “ILNP – Lilac Bridges

    1. link away my friend! I love seeing the similarities to other products!
      I think the sheerness looks really similar to Zara and the shimmer is really similar. It’s like a warm and cool version of the same polish.

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