ILNP – Spiced Eggnog

Quite some time ago I read a review of ILNP Cygnus Loop nail polish and totally fell in love with it. I then proceeded to do that thing where you waffle back and forth and put items in your cart an then talk yourself out of purchasing but go back to the website a few days later. You know the thing, don’t pretend you don’t do that too, I’m onto you! At any rate, I eventually DID purchase Cygnus Loop along with two other nail polishes from ILNP, one of which is a seasonal limited edition polish called Spiced Eggnog. Eggnog seems to be one of those weird things where you either despise it or love it, but I am firmly in the love it camp. I always end up talking about food on this blog, I think Freud would probably have a few things to say about that. Moving on to the real reason we’re here, nail polish!

ilnp_order_boxes_front ilnp_order_boxes_back ilnp_order_boxes_top

You can see the official swatches of Spiced Eggnog on the ILNP website but here are mine:

ilnp_spiced_eggnog_all_nails ilnp_spiced_eggnog_1 ilnp_spiced_eggnog_2 ilnp_spiced_eggnog_3

Spiced Eggnog is one of many ventures into something new that actually worked! The more I looked at this polish and finish, the more it grew on me until it totally won me over!

This unique eggnog colored holographic creme has a touch of both gold and burnt orange flakes for a truly distinct speckled finish.


Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!

Spiced Eggnog DOES have beautiful copper and gold flakies and it IS deliciously holographic and it IS fully opaque in 3 coats! All of these things delighted me. The application: spot on, the wear time: excellent. BUT…I kind of hate the base shade. Rather than reading “eggnog” I got a sickly green tinged pale beige. It’s absolutely possible that this is just the way this shade looks on my skin because the website pictures look very…eggnoggy. I was totally bummed, I was really in love with the idea of this polish and speckles are to die for! It just is really a terrible shade on me.

I’ll give a brief teaser of the other two colors I snagged: They’re both absolute perfection.

Have you tried anything from ILNP? I’m incredibly impressed by the quality of the polishes and the range of finishes and shades available is superb, I’m having a difficult time curbing my wish list.


  • My brain keeps saying it’s fall but the weather keeps saying it’s the dead of Summer. Chili is still good when it’s 90 degrees out right?
  • Our new landlords moved in along with their five dogs. The Boy and I love the dogs, Thing Cat and Gray Cat, not so much. They’ve taken to hiding in the neighbors shed most of the time.

6 thoughts on “ILNP – Spiced Eggnog

  1. I totally put crap in my shopping cart and then close the tab and a few days later go back and buy the items. My thinking is: if I keep thinking about the items after a few days, then that means I really wanted them! πŸ˜›
    Spiced Eggnog is a strange shade… I can see the appeal for some people. It’s kind of ugly enough to be edgy. I’m really not sure what kind of skin tone would suit this colour? Also, I dislike eggnog very much and probably wouldn’t buy this shade due to the name alone! Cynus Loops looks AMAZING though!
    Awww 5 dogs? I’d love that! I am that chick who goes around and pets all the dogs who are tied up other stores waiting for their owners lol.
    PS. Not sure why your posts aren’t showing up on my reader, it’s super annoying. I’m sorry for commenting so late after your post went up.

    1. I have that exact same thought process! It actually works pretty well to curb more impulse purchases. I’ll often go back to buy the thing I’ve been thinking about but have to remove three other things from my cart that I forgot about.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks it’s strange!
      It’s actually really great, they’re the sweetest and they’re all really quiet and mellow. One keeps escaping and then getting upset when he can’t get back inside with his buddies but other than that, these are the sweetest dogs. One of them is a rather elderly corgi and the other four dogs adore her. They always check on her and lick her face and it’s just the cutest. I’m obviously not a dog person 😐
      My reader has been wonky too lately! I welcome all of your comments no matter how long after the post goes up. I’m actually really behind on reading everyone’s posts which bums me out and means that you too can look forward to tardy comments!

  2. I can’t believe I am an enabler! So sorry for the temptation, but you will not regret getting Cygnus Loop ❀
    It definitely takes some courage to wear spiced eggnog though. I also fell for their official photos and sometimes wish that they would put up some photos that are more true-to-life.

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