OPI – Just Spotted The Lizard

Ok, I know that OPI released The Amazing Spiderman collection in 2012. I also know what a bummer it is to see pretty things that are no longer available BUT…I just bought this nail polish within the last week or two! So there is hope! I can’t remember if I found this at Sally’s Beauty or if it was at Publix, but I think it was at Publix. Which is where I get all of my OPI limited edition nail polishes…three years after they’ve been released O_o

On to nail porn!

(Warning: I accidentally took photos of my nails that I don’t completely hate and since that will likely NEVER happen again…there are a buttload of pictures in this post.)

So shiny. So chrome.

opi_just_spotted_the_lizard_indoor_natural_light_2 opit_just_spotted_the_lizard_4 opi_just_spotted_the_lizard_1 opi_just_spotted_the_lizard_2 opi_just_spotted_the_lizard_3 opi_just_spotted_the_lizard_indoor_natural_light opi_just_spotted_the_lizard_indoor_natural_light_1

Ugh, can you handle how pretty this polish is? I cannot handle it.

I also heard that this is a dupe for Chanel Peridot so JStL has that going for it which is nice.

These photos are two coats of JStL over OPI Nail Envy with a single coat of Seche Vite top coat.

This applied perfectly. It is on the thinner side but still didn’t flood my cuticles. I’ve been wearing this for 6 days and NO CHIPS! Just some minor tip wear that is barely even worth mentioning! And I even worked out this week! (Tangent: Don’t EVER get out of your workout routine. You will be sad and regret all of your life choices. Plus you’ll feel like you need help getting off the toilet after your first leg day back.)

If you happen to see Just Spotted the Lizard BUY IT. Don’t question it, just do it. You won’t be sorry.

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