ILNP – Diablo

ILNP totally has me figured out. Every so often they’ll send me a cute little email with a sneaky little coupon and I mean honestly, who can resist a coupon? Clearly not me.

Before I delve into the photos of Diablo, I want to just share a couple of photos of the packaging on this last order because I really thought it was well done.

So. Diablo.

ILNP describes Diablo as:

Diablo is a beast! This vampy oxblood leaning holographic nail polish will easily find a place in your heart after the first stroke!

The finish of Diablo is primarily an oxblood red however, depending on your lighting conditions and the number of coats used, it may appear to travel from oxblood red, to a brick red, through to a burgundy, and even plum in appearance.

Definitely complicated and intriguing!

Accented with an assortment of holographic luster as well as precise amounts of red and copper shimmer, the depth of this beauty is unrivaled.

Fully opaque in 2-3 coats!

Oxblood, brick red, burgundy, plum AND holographic?! Yes please!

You come for the nail polish talk but I know you stay because of the awkward hand poses. I’m thinking quitting my day job and becoming a hand model.

I have a really difficult time photographing holographic nail polishes but Diablo is a scattered holo in case you couldn’t tell. I can’t pick out much of the red and copper shimmer but it could be very fine shimmer that just adds to the general luster of the polish. In any case, I would say that the description is pretty accurate.

The above photos are three coats of Diablo over OPI Nail Envy and topped with Seche Vite.

This polish applied easily and wore well, but I did actually dent the polish pretty severely the day after application. To be fair, the denting occurred while trying to open a Wet n’ Wild compact so maybe it wasn’t that weird. But normally I don’t have issues with my polish 12 hours after application so it’s worth noting. Beyond that, I just had minimal tip wear after about 4 days.

Diablo is part of the 2015 Fall Collection and retails for $10.00 on the ILNP website.

Do you own Diablo? Have you tried anything else from ILNP? Do you prefer linear or scattered holographic? I’m a linear girl myself, but holo is holo and I’ll never complain about sparkly rainbows, let’s be real here!


  • I’ve been having such a blast with my family! It’s really difficult to live so far away from them so I love getting to see them. 




11 thoughts on “ILNP – Diablo

  1. Oooh this is an amazing shade! So unique with the holographic shimmer in the red. That’s a bit crazy about denting the polish after 12 hrs…? How’s that possible. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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