NOTW: aengland Camelot

I know that black creme nail polish is pretty easy to find and most polish lines carry them. However, aengland‘s black creme polish is really nice.

Camelot is very nearly a one coater and if you are even slightly more skilled in polish application than I am (I do hope for your sake that you are, because my skillz are pretty basic) then you probably don’t need that second coat.

a_england_camelot_3 a_england_camelot_1 a_england_camelot_2

I really wish I was better at using tape for a guideline! I love the way this shape looks, I just need to practice getting a clean edge.

This is 1 and a half coats of Camelot (I only applied a second coat over the few bald patches that were caused by my shaky hands during application) over one coat of OPI Nail Envy and with Seche Vite Top Coat.

I wore this manicure for slightly more than a week and it never did chip.

Have you tried anything from aengland? They have some beautiful colors and I’d like to order a few more shades.

5 thoughts on “NOTW: aengland Camelot

    1. It’s my favorite too! I need to place another order with them because they have such pretty colors. And the names! They’re great!

      I think I need Saint George, Holy Grail and Jane Eyre. They’re amazing!

  1. I got a bottle of A England as a present – Fated Price – and now I’m hooked! I really like the shimmery / holographic shades.
    A black cream is a good shade to have especially one that’s opaque in one coat since it’s an essential layered shade – nothing worse than having 4 coats of polish when doing layering if the base need multiple coats.

    1. Exactly! And I’m not great with layering and nail art to begin with so I can’t do the multiple coats thing without everything going downhill in a hurry.

      I just looked up Fated Prince and I’m pretty sure I need that in my life. I can’t turn down a holographic nail polish and if the formula is half as good as Camelot then that’s awesome.

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