Nail Nation 3000 – Glam Bot

Do you have those colors or finishes of nail polish that just make you happy? Glam Bot does that for me. It’s a bright bubblegum pink with pretty strong linear holographic goodness and it’s just so darn pretty!

nail_nation_3000_glam_bot_direct_sunlight nail_nation_3000_glam_bot_flash

Glam Bot wears ok, I had minor chipping after about four days which is kind of in the neutral wear time category. I don’t find that this has the easiest application as it tends to pool a bit oddly at the tips of my nails so it’s difficult for me to get a smooth surface. It’s not a bad formula, it’s just not the best formula either. That being said, I love the color so much that none of the mediocrity in formula and application bother me very much.

Pricing and availability:

$14.50 from the NailNation 3000 shop.

This says on the website that it is limited edition but it is also a sort of re-promote (I think, it’s not completely clear on the website). I know that with Amazeballs, there was a limited edition pour that went out of stock for a while but now it’s back again. Frankly I’m not familiar enough with the company to know how they structure their releases.

Speaking of Amazeballs…here are photos side by side for comparison purposes:

IMG_6300 nail_nation_3000_glam_bot_direct_sunlight

Glam Bot is lighter and more “cotton candy” while Amazeballs is darker and has more of a blue tone. They’re not the same but you may not NEED them both. Just kidding! You totally need them both! You need all the holos!!!!!!

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