NOTW – Mixed Metals with Essie Penny Talk and Essie No Place Like Chrome

A post with polish that is permanent and not discontinued! Woot woot!

One coat of OPI Nail Envy, two coats of Penny Talk, One coat of Seche Vite top coat, one coat of No Place Like Chrome and another coat of Seche Vite.

Essie’s metallic nail polishes are really lovely. I only have the two shades but I love them both. They’re incredibly close to being on coat polishes which makes them fantastic for nail art. They wear well, I got a full 6 days out of this look before I changed my polish. The only down side (and I find this true of most metallic finish polishes) is that they can highlight any ridges that you might have in your nails. It doesn’t really bother me personally so I would recommend these shades at least.

Do you have any of the other shades in this line? I’m always tempted to grab the pink metallic one but so far I’ve managed to resist.

8 thoughts on “NOTW – Mixed Metals with Essie Penny Talk and Essie No Place Like Chrome

  1. I own Penny Talk is such a beautiful shade but a bit of a pain to apply (streaky bald spots and the ridge enhancing properties…) I don’t have a lot of metallics for that reason… even frosts give me anxiety with the streakiness! I have tried using the sponge method of applying metaliics – you use a makeup sponge (one that will be tossed out afterward) to blot on top of the nail to smooth out the surface – it gives it a nice brushed chrome look. I do like that the metallics dry SUPER quick.

    1. This! Yes. I have such a love/hate thing with metallic polishes. The whole “finding nail ridges I didn’t know I had” business is a total bummer. Sometimes frosts are even worse for me because they seem to show the brush strokes WITH the nail ridges.
      I’m totally intrigued by this makeup sponge application. Do you do this after you’ve applied normally with a brush? Do you have to apply a second coat after the sponge doctoring? Does this whole process make your polish end up in your cuticles? I dig the brushed chrome look a lot so I need to try this!

      1. I’ve only tried it once with great success and this is what I did: apply 1 thin coat of Penny Talk, let dry like normal. Then I apply another thin coat of Penny Talk (and honestly, you can get away with just one coat with this polish and while it’s still damp, use a clean sponge to lightly blot all over the nail (you will get nail polish on your fingers but nothing that a q-tip and nail polish remove can’t fix). I recommend painting one nail at a time and blotting each one right after since this polish dries so quickly. Then you apply top coat like normal. 🙂

    1. If you say so ::runs out to nearest drugstore::.
      I think you might need at least one of their metallic shades in your life. My favorite is Penny Talk but they have blue, pink and gold I think. Maybe green? I can’t remember now. They feel very flashy and fancy and who doesn’t want to feel fancy?! 🙂

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