NOTW – Essie Leggy Legend

In my most recent haul, I purchased two of the fall 2015 nail polishes from Essie. I’d actually been hunting for Leggy Legend for about a week before I found it. This color was made for me. Seriously, I really dig it.

“So shiny, so chrome.”

One coat of OPI Nail Envy, two coats of Leggy Legend, one coat of Seche Vite quick dry top coat.

This was really perfectly acceptable after one coat. I added a second coat because I have perpetually shaky hands and this sometimes makes for some bald patches in my polish application. If you’re not me, you totally just need one coat.

This polish applied beautifully, was easy to work with and you NEED THIS POLISH IN YOUR LIFE. Ugh, it’s just so pretty!

I tried to get a blurry photo that shows the super fine red and green micro-shimmer. I was marginally successful.

I found this polish at CVS sometime during the first week of September.

Did you pick up anything from the Essie Fall collection? I picked up the dark shimmery shade but the other two colors (a red creme and…a blue maybe? I can’t really remember) seemed quite similar to things I already own.

7 thoughts on “NOTW – Essie Leggy Legend

  1. Aha! It /is/ gorgeous! I just saw this at Walgreens (while hunting for Milani’s new lip cremes, sigh) and thought of you. Thought “hmm… is this actually pretty, or does it just have a funny name?” Didn’t get it, now I wish I did! It’s really gorgeous. ā¤

    1. It IS really nice! Those lip cremes man, they were all sold out before I even realized they were a thing. Sadness abounds. Hopefully you can find them so I can live vicariously through your swatches šŸ™‚

    1. The good thing about Essie limited editions is that they do stick around for quite a while. Don’t cave to the pressure! I’m super impressed at your dedication on to our know buy, you deserve a medal! And cake! šŸ™‚
      Definitely do get Frock n Roll though. I wore it this last week and it is beautiful. I wasn’t able to get any pictures that did it justice whatsoever but it is a perfect dark polish that isn’t just a blackened creme shade.

      1. Yeah cake, FO SHO. I saw Frock n Roll in a display in real life and it did take a lot of willpower to not run over to the cash register and throw down my money… but yeah you’re right, Essie LE do stick around for a bit, I still see a ton of Spring shades around.

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