ILNP – Salem

Now that I’ve pitched half of my nail polish collection, I’m going to talk about new nail polish! Sometimes this blog is a bundle of contradictions but that’s life.

After this last order of nail polish from ILNP I decided to unsubscribe from their newsletters. Their photos are just too much temptation for me. That doesn’t mean I’m sorry about this particular order, far from it! Just look at this beauty!


We all know that I can’t take nail photos to save my life. It’s one of the quirks that makes you love this blog.

Salem is a black base with dense duochrome particles. The particles shift from red to green. This is a surprisingly Christmasy nail polish but with a unique spin. No obvious red glitter or gold. It’s dark and vampy and gorgeous and just happens to have Christmas colors incorporated. I don’t look at it and think “Christmas” but it’s perfect for this time of year anyway.

The first coat went on so sheer I was a little concerned. The second coat achieved near opacity with just a smidgen of show through of the nail line. I applied three coats and it was perfect (you could leave it at two but I almost always apply three coats of everything to account for my uneven application).


The bottle photos were taken after I’d been wearing this polish all week so it wore incredibly well.

You can purchase Salem from the ILNP website for $10.00.

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