ILNP – Fired Up

Dude. This polish. It’s insane. Photos do it no justice. Not that this will stop me from posting lots of them. It’s how I do. (although I totally neglected to take a picture of the bottle. You know what nail polish bottles look like right? I hope so because right now I’m totally surrounded by blankets and I don’t think it’s possible to leave my couch. See also: laziness)

So this might be my favorite nail polish that I’ve purchased from ILNP. It’s a super pale duochrome (pinky red to lime green) with an incredibly dense scattered holographic effect. At first glance (and in most of the photos) it looks silver but it’s just so much more complex than that.

Fun story: I wore this when I went back home for the holidays and my adorable 3 year old nephew kept telling me that he likes my fingers because they are so sparkly. Who can ask for a bigger endorsement than that?

I applied three coats over OPI Nail Envy and topped it with Seche Vite. It wore AMAZINGLY well. I had some minor chipping but I wore this for almost two weeks and if it weren’t for nail re-growth I would have kept on wearing it for another.

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