2014 Lip Product Favorites

Remember how I managed to show some restraint in choosing my favorite eyeshadow palettes? Well I’ve gone and made up for it in the lip product category. I will say that 2014 was the year of me falling in love with lipstick. That being said, grab a snack because we’re going to be here for a while. In fact, if you’re old enough, grab an adult beverage too, you may need it before we’re done here.

(I apologize in advance for the photo quality in this post. These looked freaking awesome when I was editing them but as I’m actually seeing them in the post, they’re really dark and since I’m an inherently lazy individual, I’m not retaking them. So there! But yeah…apologies.)

Favorite Overall Lipstick Line


Revlon Super Lustrous has been around for ages but for some reason, I never really delved into this line until this last year. To my surprise I discovered that this line is the only line of lipstick that I’ve actually felt is moisturizing (as in, these baby’s actually improve the health and appearance of my lips). For me, that’s kind of a big deal. They also have lovely shades and finishes and are incredibly accessible and affordable. I’m completely blown away by this line and it’s alarmingly difficult for me to not buy the whole range. Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are available at most drugstores and some grocery stores and retail for around $5.00.

Brand With the Best Shade Selection


Whether you love MAC or not, there’s no denying that they have an impressive shade range (and finish range) to choose from. MAC lipstick is where I (FINALLY) found some pink’s I could wear, where I found my most worn lipstick shades, and where I found a bright purple that is stunning. They have a crazy and sometimes overwhelming selection of colors and for that, I’ve got to give them props. MAC is available at MAC counter’s or from the MAC website and their regular line of lipsticks retail for $16.00.

Best Gloss Lines

high_end_gloss drugstore_gloss

I chose two lines of lipgloss because I love these equally but for totally different reasons.

Buxom lipgloss is long lasting for a gloss (around two hours for me), has a slightly thick consistency and an intense cooling effect.  Because the formula is thicker, these fill in lines in the lips which provides a plump appearance. They smell like caramel and vanilla (but taste awful…don’t eat lipgloss kids!). There is a wide shade range and these come in finishes ranging from cream, to shimmery to downright glittery. Most of these are moderately pigmented but not approaching anything like a liquid lipstick. I prefer to wear these on their own, they give enough color to get away with that. Buxom frequently has sets with mini sizes (shown here) that are a great bargain but a full size gloss retails for around $19.00 and is available from Sephora.

L’Oreal leGloss formula is a thin consistency that feels hydrating and light on the lips. It only lasts for around 20-30 minutes on me but I rarely mind re-applying because it smells delicious when you first put it on. Like caramel. Seriously, I want all lip products to smell like this (it tastes like caramel too. I do NOT eat my lipgloss!! These things just happen! I actually read somewhere once that the average woman consumes something like a pound of lipstick in her lifetime.  I would verify that sketchy statistic but I think I already mentioned that I’m a wee bit lazy. Edited to add: Ok, I’m also a wee bit compulsive so I consulted The Google and snopes explains just how bizarre that “factoid” is. THE MORE YOU KNOW***). This line of gloss has a decent shade range although it’s not extensive, and also carries multiple finishes. The pigmentation varies depending on the gloss but these can be anywhere from moderately pigmented to highly pigmented. I prefer to wear these over a lipstick so I generally go for the less intense colors. leGloss’s retail for around $5.00 and these are available at drugstores and grocery stores.

Now here’s where I started losing all sense of restraint. I couldn’t pick just one favorite lipstick because I have favorite nudes, peaches, reds etc. and I love them all!!

Favorite Nude Lipstick


Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick had a moment this last year on the interwebs. There were a few months where these were all the rage and everyone was talking about them and then I didn’t hear anything again. I blame Canada! (Just kidding…I actually blame the NARS Audacious lipstick). This is a relatively new line of lipstick for the brand and they really hit it out of the park with the formulation. I only own the shade Impulsive so I can’t speak to the entire line, but Impulsive is everything that I look for in a lipstick. It’s creamy, relatively long wearing, doesn’t bleed, and doesn’t dry my lips out.  It’s a warm pale pink that leans towards peach. It’s perfection and absolutely the most pale shade I could hope to pull off. Pure Color Envy lipstick retails for around $30.00 and are available at Estee Lauder counters or Sephora.

Favorite Miscellaneous Shade


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Gothica – Is it brown? Is it copper? Sometimes it even pulls a little red! I have no idea what color to call this but it’s freaking awesome. It’s glittery, long wearing and completely unique to my collection. This also smells nice (Sephora website says it is a crème brûlée scent). This shade is just so cool man! Kat Von D Lipstick retails for $21.00 and is sold exclusively at Sephora.

Favorite Pink


MAC’s Giddy is relatively new to my collection in the last several months BUT it’s the only pink I’ve ever found that looks great on me. I conducted a long and expensive search for a pink I could rock and while I found several that look ok, this is the only one that looks bangin’. It’s a warm pink that is not to bright, not too pale but juuuusst right. It reminds me a little bit of Milani baked blush in Luminoso, it’s that warm pink with a hint of gold shimmer (although this has less peach to it than Luminoso). It’s a Lustre finish (my favorite of the MAC finishes) although it is quite opaque.

Favorite Red


I’ve already sung the praises of the Revlon Super Lustrous line but the shade Cherries in the Snow in particular is just amazing. It’s a pink leaning red and it’s just gorgeous dahling.

Favorite Plum


Maybelline has an extensive range of colors available in their Color Sensational line and that collection of shades is where I found my favorite plum shade. Plum Perfect is light enough to wear during the day but deep enough to give that much lauded vampy lip shade. Maybelline lipstick does have a distinctive smell (a little like play-dough) but they are very rich and generally have a quite creamy texture. They retail for around $6.00 and are widely available at drugstores.

Favorite Peach


MAC Coral Bliss is one of those lip colors that just makes me happy. It’s a tad too light for my skin tone but I don’t even care. I don’t know that this is any more unique than any other coral/peach lipstick out there, but it’s my favorite and in the Summer, it’s a regular staple for me.

So that’s it! We’re done!

If you’re still reading, I applaud you (and thank you! seriously, you’re a rock star!). I told you this would be a long one. So what are your favorite lip shades and formula’s? Are you a hardcore drugstore gal or do you stick with high end? TELL ME ALL YOUR LIPSTICK SECRETS!! Ok, I’m sorry for yelling. I’ve been typing for a long time now and I’ve clearly lost the plot. So on that note, that wraps up the 2014 Favorites series. If you missed the first posts I’ll insert clickies here. Because they’re awesome. And you should read them. See…lost the plot…

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Thanks again for reading!!!

13 thoughts on “2014 Lip Product Favorites

  1. My new favorite lippy is Lancome’s gloss in love: sooooo moisturizing, pretty colors, wears off evenly. I bought two, and they’re all I’ve worn since Christmas.

      1. It’s more like a lip treatment that looks really pretty. Not sticky, just creamy and comfortable. My lips have been incredibly dry this winter, and it’s the only lip product that doesn’t add to or magnify their grossness.

      2. 351 (they don’t put names on the actual tubes) is nice and I think the other one I have and love is 272. First one is kind of lilac-y/mauve, and the second is more of a pink mauve. Apparently I only buy mauves.

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