Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 8

Since I began the WATL project, I’ve noticed that I tend to go in phases with my lip color choices. Apparently I’ve been wearing quite a lot of magenta recently.


MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Bold Spring

mac_mineralize_rich_bold_spring_ls mac_mineralize_rich_bold_spring_product mac_mineralize_rich_bold_spring_is mac_mineralize_rich_bold_spring_ds

I don’t hear/read very much about this particular MAC lipstick line and I’m not sure why. I only have this shade (and a gloss) from the line but I really like it. It’s one of the more comfortable MAC formulas as it’s very light and very moisturizing. It has the standard MAC lipstick scent of vanilla.

Wear Time: On it’s own, only about an hour for me (Standard expectations for a lipstick in my day to day life is around 2-3 hours). With a lip liner, I get a more normal wear time.

Description from the MAC website: “A lightweight lipstick that instantly nourishes lips with maximum moisture. – Deep Blue Pink”. I would say it’s a “Radiant Orchid” shade and I really love it a lot.

Price: $22.00 for 3.6g/.12oz from the MAC website or any MAC store.

This last week I wore this in conjunction with MAC Lip Pencil in Talking Points:

What’s on ma’ face deets for all of the indoor pictures with the weird lighting: Eye base: Darling Girl Primped and Primed +DG Glitter Glue Browbone highlight: Matt Malloy from The Balm Meet Matt Nude palette Transition shade: Morphe ES15 Main lid shade: Notoriously Morbid Walking on Sunshine Inner corner/inner lid shade: NM Glorious Honor Outer V: NM Chaos Reigns Tightline: RImmel Scandaleyes in black Mascara: Benefit They’re Real Blush: Clinique Heather Pop

mac_talking_points_lip_pencil_ls mac_talking_points_lip_pencil_full_face darling_girl_knock_knock_penny_full_face

Covergirl Lip Lava in Ooh La Lava

covergirl_lip_lava_ooh_la_lava_ls covergirl_lip_lava_ooh_la_lava_is_2 covergirl_lip_lava_ooh_la_lava_is_1 covergirl_lip_lava_ooh_la_lava_ds_1 covergirl_lip_lava_ooh_la_lava__ds2 covergirl_lip_lava_ooh_la_lava_applicator darling_girl_bittersweet_full_face

I didn’t initially think that I liked this particular lip gloss formula but it really grew on me. It’s really thick and almost greasy feeling so I’m definitely aware that I have something on my lips but it isn’t sticky at all. Mostly, I just really adore this particular shade. I have three other shades that I’m somewhat indifferent to but Ooh La Lava is really special and I can’t get enough of it.

Wear Time: Around 3 hours (really excellent for a gloss for me)

Description from the Covergirl website: Sadly they don’t have a shade description but here is the product description:

“Bolder than a balm, glassier than a gloss, more lustrous than a lipstick. The hybrid formula of new Colorlicious Lip Lava combines highly pigmented shades with iridescent pearls for saturated lip color with the high shine of lacquer”

This is definitely pigmented and insanely shiny. The glitters will stick around literally for days. Oddly though, I don’t notice the glitters texturally during the wear time.

I would describe the shade as a cool pink with lavender duochrome and blue and pink sparkles.

Price: Around $8.00 at any drugstore.

Maybelline Color Blur in My-My Magenta with Victoria’s Secret Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper in Hot Pink

maybelline_color_blur_my_my_magenta_with_victorias_secret_hot_pink maybelline_color_blur_my_my_magenta_swatch maybelline_color_blur_my_my_magenta_product maybelline_color_blur_my_my_magenta_nubby_thingy maybelline_color_blur_my_my_magenta_blurred_look_ls maybelline_color_blur_my_my_magenta_full_opacity_lsvictorias_secret_very_voluptuous_lip_plumper_hot_pink_product victorias_secret_very_voluptuous_lip_plumper_hot_pink_ls victorias_secret_very_voluptuous_lip_plumper_hot_pink_is victorias_secret_very_voluptuous_lip_plumper_hot_pink_dsmaybelline_color_blur_my_my_magenta_with_victorias_secret_hot_pink_full_face

My-My Magenta: This is the first time I wore this so I can’t give a definitive review, but my first impressions are positive. It’s insanely pigmented, and it felt very smooth during application. It didn’t feel dry but I was wearing a gloss so I can’t really speak to that for sure.

Description from the Maybelline website: …well…Maybelline’s website is shit. This product is nowhere to be seen. I will say that the idea of including the “Elastomer smudger” feels gimmicky to me and the smudger doesn’t really work very well. In the photo above, I just pressed my lips together until I achieved the blurred look I wanted. When I applied the gloss over that, the lipstick immediately spread out to the rest of my mouth and I completely lost the “just ate a popsicle” effect although I liked how it turned out.

Price: Around $8.00 from most drugstores. (I found mine at Walmart)

Hot Pink: Sadly, this was discontinued along with the majority of Victoria’s Secret beauty products.

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Lipstick in Wanted

hard_candy_plumping_serum_lipstick_wanted_full_face_with notoriously_morbit_goblet_of_red_2
I accidentally deleted the photo that had the entire product list and I don’t remember everything for this look. Here’s what I DO remember: That awesome eyeshadow is Notoriously Morbid Goblet of Red, I think I wore the Jordana liquid eyeliner in black and the mascara is most likely Benefit They’re Real.

hard_candy_plumping_serum_lipstick_wanted_product hard_candy_plumping_serum_lipstick_wanted_ls hard_candy_plumping_serum_lipstick_wanted_is hard_candy_plumping_serum_lipstick_wanted_ds

This lipstick is SO SHINY. It has a pleasant sweet scent and absolutely zero “plumping” effects. Oddly I haven’t really formed a solid opinion of this lipstick yet. My general impressions are that it’s a pretty shade and it’s very comfortable but I can honestly say I don’t know how long it wears. I don’t know why I have no recollection of this, but I’m blaming the aliens.

Description from Hard Candy’s website: “Saturate lips with vibrant, pure color in just one stroke. A high gloss gel base infused with lightweight mango butter allows for superior comfort and shine with lasting hydration. Contains a unique antioxidant “Colorfast System” that keeps color vibrant, truer, and statement worthy. Formulated with Hard Candy’s exclusive Plumping Serum System that delivers hyaluronic acid and plumps the skin to quickly minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle while adding hydrating volume.”

When I wore this, I thought it was a soft red, but when I looked at it next to the other more pink shades I wore this week, I thought it looked more magenta. It’s kind of an in between color.

Price: Around $5.00 from Walmart where Hard Candy is exclusively sold.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in Hypnotist (aka Unicorn blood)

bareminerals_marvelous_moxie_hypnotist_ls bareminerals_marvelous_moxie_hypnotist_product bareminerals_marvelous_moxie_hypnotist_applicator bareminerals_marvelous_moxie_hypnotist_s2 bareminerals_marvelous_moxie_hypnotist_s1

I need to do a solo post on this lip gloss because it really deserves it’s own review. The formula makes my lips look extra plump and gorgeous. On it’s own, it’s almost clear, some of the multi-chrome shift shows in certain light, but this is really a very subtle shade. Over other colors it looks completely different. The lip stains it leaves on a black coffee cup are blood red and kelly green. The whole color situation is just very cool ok!

This smells like Thin Mints and is pretty light on the lips. The one down side is that it is kind of drying. Not so much that it’s kept me from using almost half of the tube in two months, but drying enough to make me notice that I need extra chapstick at night.

Wear Time: Around an hour

From the bareMinerals website:

Color: Hypnotist
Description: Holographic violet peach
Coverage: Brilliant sheer-to-medium color
Texture: Glides on satiny-smooth
Finish: Glistening shine

“Embark on a total thrill glide with Marvelous MoxieTM Lipgloss. Luscious, vibrant color loaded into a refreshing formula that slips on satiny-smooth for sheer-to-medium coverage with glistening shine. Wear this iridescent topcoat alone or layered over lipstick for color-shifting effects and knock-out shine. When applied, color shifts from pale purple to coral-peach with gold pearl.”

I also just noticed that every review on the website says that this product leaks everywhere. Now I’m feeling a little anxious about it living in my purse all the time.

Price: $18.00  from bareMinerals or Sephora

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Impulsive

estee_lauder_pure_color_envy_impulsive_ls estee_lauder_pure_color_envy_impulsive_product estee_lauder_pure_color_envy_impulsive_is estee_lauder_pure_color_envy_impulsive_ds darling_girl_my_three_witches_full_face_look

I named this lipstick as my favorite nude lipstick of 2014 and it really is an incredibly comfortable formula. It wears around 3 hours, is light and barely noticeable on the lips and is incredibly creamy and smooth. The one drawback is that today when I was swatching it, I noticed that the scent is slightly different than it used to be. I didn’t notice this earlier in the week and it was subtle. To the best of my knowledge I purchased this within the last year. I know a lot of lipstick does have 12 month expiration date…but I have lipstick that I’ve owned for YEARS that’s still perfect. STOP JUDGING ME!

Description from the Estee Lauder website: No shade description but here’s the product description: “Transforms lips with intense color and hydration.”

Price: $30.00 from any Estee Lauder counter

That’s it, that’s what I wore this last week! What lipstick have you been wearing? Do you tend to become obsessed with a certain color? I also want to know if you change up your lipstick on the daily or if you tend to wear the same lipstick over and over again. Let’s chat in the comments yo!


  • This post took a weirdly long time to write and The Boy wants to know if I’m trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • That just reminded me of going to the library with a childhood friend and sitting and reading the World Record books for HOURS. We were totally obsessed for a few months.
  • It also made me want a Guinness. Mmm…beer…
  • Tomorrow morning I’m going to  restorative yoga workshop and I’m really looking forward to it, I haven’t done yoga regularly in almost a year and I really miss it!

8 thoughts on “Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 8

    1. Thanks so much!
      How does it feel emotionally? Every time I pull this out of my purse it makes me so happy, I may have been known to wave the tube in peoples faces because they NEED to see how cool this is! I basically feel like a magical unicorn when I wear this even though the funky color is so subtle.
      But practically speaking, it’s very comfortable on. It’s smooth and almost plump feeling and it isn’t sticky. There’s some ingredient that irritates my lips ever so slightly and the end result is that if I wear this for extended periods or for multiple days in a row, my lips get pretty chapped. It’s not the most drying product in the world but it definitely isn’t moisturizing either.

      1. Lol! Yeah, same, I admit I hate lip gloss and would have no use for it, but… dude, it’s colour changing and magical, how can I not want it?! Do you have either of the other two?
        Mm… I tolerate plumping products pretty well, so that’s not a huge detractor, but my lips are already pretty dry. =( Thanks for letting us know!

      2. There’s Hypnotist, Illusionist, and one more I can’t remember the name of… the three are always right up in front in the bareminerals section where I’m at.

      3. Yes, they’re both more of a clear shade with green shimmer and things like that! I’ve swatched all three every time I visit, they’re definitely worth it if you like this one. ❤

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