Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 7

Another week, another round of lipstick! Or as is the case this week, another round of various lip products in a multitude of different formats.

Silly rabbit, lipsticks don't grow on trees!
Silly rabbit, lipsticks don’t grow on trees!

Let’s start with my favorite from this last week:

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss in Aphrodite Kiss

This is within a minute of application and you can see there is still a sheen present.
This is about 10-15 minutes after application and the texture has settled into something like a satin matte finish.
And everything was like, neon man.
If worn without a lip liner, the edges of the lip can look a little bit more blue than the center. I think it looks kind of neat.

Aphrodite Kiss is SUPER EFFING BRIGHT. As in, my camera doesn’t completely do it justice. But it’s a happy bright for sure. This is a weird product, it feels slightly cushiony on the lips and applies like a gel mousse hybrid. It’s unbelievably comfortable as it never dries down but keeps the gloss consistency. The shape of the applicator is great for the precision required in applying a bold lip color. This smells faintly of berries or maybe a watermelon drink? It smells like I want to eat it is what I’m trying to say. The smell isn’t overwhelming and dissipates in a few minutes. I get about 2 hours of perfect wear out of this before it starts to fade mildly. It still looks acceptable after about 3 hours but then it starts going a tad patchy so it wears a bit more like a cream lipstick than like a matte lipstick.

I just googled this product and apparently it is limited edition?! Sad! If you happen to see this formula in the drugstore I would say snag one, it’s really pleasant.

MAC Faux

mac_faux_product mac_faux_s mac_faux mac_faux_ff

On the opposite end of the spectrum is MAC Faux. Faux is a Satin finish and that might be my least favorite finish from MAC. It’s not a bad finish, it’s just not the most flattering for my lips. The consistency is creamy but quite thick and while I don’t find this lipstick drying, it feels dry on my lips. Faux wears well for about two hours before it fades completely from my inner lip. That’s about average for me with most lip products so I would say this wears pretty well. I kind of have non-feelings about this lipstick. It’s fine but I don’t love it.

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in 02 Pink Rave

milani_pink_rave_product milani_pink_rave_s milani_pink_rave_ls milani_pink_rave_ff

Last week I said that there were only three shades of the Liquid Colors by Milani but that was a complete lie. There are four. I even own all four. But I’m a lipstick hoarder and DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE I HAD THIS SHADE.

So this is the first time I wore (or even opened) this product and I expected it to smell like coconut cake just like the other Liquid Colors but it actually smelled like slightly sugary chlorine. Because it was still in the packaging, and thus brand spanking new, I wore it anyway but it kind of weirded me out and I ended up taking it off and switching to a different lip color. It’s a shame because this is a really pretty shade! I will say that Pink Rave doesn’t feel as mousse – like in texture as Red Extreme. Maybe I got a really bad tube? I wanted to buy a new tube but I didn’t see these in the Milani display when I was at CVS this week so I hope that they weren’t discontinued.

I feel like I just rambled a whole lot without giving you any information. It was fun right? Good.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Lipstick – Boudoir Baby

Fun story: I originally wore this with a Buxom Gloss in the shade Lauren and I wore Revlon Juicy Papaya paired with Revlon Peach Petal the next day, but when I did the lip swatches (for the THIRD TIME BECAUSE EVEN CRAPPY PHOTOGRAPHY IS HARD), I paired it with Peach Petal and didn’t catch it until I was actually writing this post. Now, if I were a professional I would re-take the pictures so that they all make sense but thank God I’m just some yahoo with an iPhone camera and a computer. That would have been a lot of work. O_O In defense of my laziness, Boudoir Baby and Juicy Papaya are REALLY similar.

See how pretty this was paired with the Buxom gloss? It’s a great combination and it almost glowed in certain light.
This is not nearly as bright as it is showing in this photo. I could not for the love of life or money, get a picture that was true to color. It’s a peach with a touch of depth to it. Not a neon peach, just plain ole’ peach.
The swatch here is actually very true to real life.

estee_lauder_buodoir_baby_ls estee_lauder_buodoir_baby_revlon_peach_petal_ls revlon_peach_petal_ls

I have a lipstick from the regular Pure Color Envy line and I absolutely love it so I thought I would absolutely love the Shine formula too, but I have to say, it’s not quite as good. It smells a little odd, like cleaning products and old makeup. Maybe I have  bad luck in the lipstick scent department? If you have anything from this line, have you noticed a weird scent? I’d love to know if they’re all a little strange smelling.

Anyway, this is a gorgeous shade and I do really like it, but it isn’t as smooth and silky as the regular Pure Color Envy lipstick and it doesn’t wear quite as long. I do get around 1-2 hours of perfect wear before it just kind of disappears. It does make a graceful exit, I will give it that. No weird patchiness or anything like that, it just slowly fades away.

Not that packaging is super important BUT, the Pure Color Envy Lipstick line has THE BEST packaging. It’s heavy and solid and sleek and closes magnetically and I just really love it a whole lot.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya

Again with the super bright orange! This is NOT as bright as this photograph. It’s a bright peach in the tube, but it isn’t actually ORANGE. All of the swatches turned out quite accurately.

revlon_juicy_papaya_s revlon_juicy_papaya_ls revlon_juicy_papya_peach_petal_ff

I’m not sure what I can say about the Lip Butters that hasn’t already been said. Like all the rest of the shades in the range, Juicy Papaya is a comfortable, light weight product. I don’t find it particularly moisturizing but I don’t find it drying either. This shade, more than some of the others in the line, leans a tad sheer. It can be built up from mostly sheer to moderate opacity quite easily. These have an almost undetectable sweet scent but it’s really not noticeable unless you’re looking for it. I get about an hour of wear time out of Juicy Papaya before I need to reapply.

Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Lauren

buxom_lauren_product buxom_lauren_s buxom_lauren_ls

I really like the Buxom lip glosses and Lauren is a really great shade. It’s jam packed with tiny iridescent glitter (I can’t feel them on the lips) in a bright coral base. The color applies quite sheer, giving a great effect over coral or peach lipstick. It’s also really pretty on its own.

Buxom lip gloss smells really good. I think it smells like vanilla with a little bit of caramel, The Boy says it smells like “vanilla and maybe a little bit of banana?”. Whatever it is, it’s a nice scent, which is good because it doesn’t really dissipate. DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS WHEN WEARING THIS. It tastes like yuck. Taste and scent aside, the Buxom glosses all have a strong cooling sensation.


watl_7_sis watl_7_sds

What lip products have you been loving lately? I also really want to know if anyone else ever gets lip products that smell bad from the get go. Am I just jinxed or is it fairly common? Do you think the lip product has gone bad or do you think they just forgot to add the scent? Burning questions man.

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