Gym Bag Makeup – February 2018

Hi! Hello! How’s it going?

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you might remember that I used to do a monthly series about what makeup I take with me to the gym. I don’t think I’ve done one of these posts in a looooong time. Possibly not since this blog was solely a tumblr blog. Yep. That happened. Anyway, lately I’ve been going to the gym in the mornings again (it’s awesome! You should totally try it!) so I load up my gym bag with everything I need to get ready for work after my workout.

Here’s what I’ve been using during the last month:

All of my makeup and skincare lives in this little bag and gets tossed into my gym bag.

Secret deodorant isn’t the most amazing for reducing sweat, but the wild sugar scent is delicious and I love it.

I’ve been super into Clinique skincare lately. Also, if you buy Clinique moisturizer, the travel sizes are not only convenient, but cheaper per ounce! I haven’t been using the sunscreen long enough to have a fully formed opinion, but so far so good.

Lipstick just hasn’t been my thing lately. Do you ever do that? Go in phases of what you like wearing? I’ve been very into lip balms and treatments over the winter and the Paula’s Choice balm is really nice.

I’m still undecided on how I feel about the Volition Helix AM/PM eye gel. I don’t have any weird reactions with it or anything, it just isn’t the most hydrating thing in the world. It’s delightful to use though!

And brushes. This little arsenal of brushes is basically all I need. You’d never know it from looking at my makeup vanity but it’s true.

Dior Quint in Expose – A review coming soon! You can see it doesn’t swatch very well though. And the application is fairly consistent with the swatches.

Becca blush in Snapdragon – Very pretty bright peach. Honestly though, I haven’t been wearing much blush lately. After I leave the gym my face is SO RED and I’m afraid to put blush on top of all that.

MUFE Duo with Vanilla and Latte. Vanilla is my go to base shade and Latte is a nice matte transition (necessary with a quint like Expose which has no matte mid tone shades)

Essence Pure Nude highlight – This is a nice affordable highlight. Would recommend if you need a highlight, but not something you need to run out and buy if you already have a highlight you like. I am the queen of run on sentences today.

Urban Decay Naked Color Corrector in Peach – Nice for minimizing the blue caverns under my eyes.

Maybelline Total Temptation mascara – Guys. This is a really good mascara. I don’t normally like Maybelline mascara but this one is NICE. However, it does NOT smell like coconut. That’s all just lies that their marketing team passed on to the Instagram promoters. It does have a sweet scent but it’s not coconut. Also, why do we need to have scented eyelashes? Is that healthy? Are people getting so close to you that you worry about your eyelash scent? IS THAT A THING I NEED TO START WORRYING ABOUT?!

Rimmel Exaggerate retractable eyeliner – This is a fantastic eyeliner. Most of Rimmel’s eyeliners are really good, but this one LASTS. It’s great in the waterline and doesn’t irritate my eyes like the pencil liners can.

Do you have makeup that you haul to the gym? Makeup that you carry around in your purses? If so, I’d love to know what you take with you!

One thought on “Gym Bag Makeup – February 2018

  1. I’ve actually been more into lipsticks lately. I’m usually a lip balm kind of person so this is a shift.
    Scented mascaras are odd. I’m trying a Clarins sample now and it has a perfume scent too. I like that mascara a lot though.
    My gym is down the hallway so no makeup bag toting needed! 😛

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