Fotd all the new things

As you know, I recently hauled quite a few makeup items. This was the first look I did after the second batch of items arrived. I was definitely trying to use as many of my new goodies as possible.



  • Kat Von D Lock It Powder Foundation in Light 45
  • Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil
  • Becca Luminous Blush in Snapdragon
  • Becca Light Chaser Highlight in Opal Flashes Jade



  • Dior High Fidelity Colours & Effects Eyeshadow Palette in 657 Expose:
  • Outer corner and crease: Dark Green
  • Lid: Peach
  • To blend the two lid shades: Gold
  • Inner corner: Champagne
  • Liner: Bronze
  • Lower lashline: Lithium and Spectre from the Urban Decay Moondust palette
  • Mascara: L’Oreal Lash Paradise in Blackest Brown



  • Tom Ford lipstick in Indian Rose

First things first; that lipstick is SO PRETTY. I didn’t actually expect to like it at all but the shade and finish are to die for. In the morning it wore for a little over an hour (roughly on the lower side of average for me). It reapplied well but I found that after re-application the wear time tanked. In the afternoon I had to re-apply every 30 minutes or so. When that happens it can be caused by applying over a partially worn off layer OR it can be because my lips are super dry. I’ll try this out again and see if the lipstick itself is drying or if it’s a fluke. It was a very comfortable lipstick otherwise.

The eyeshadow kind of broke down mid day. It still looks fine but there was significant fading. Or maybe I’m just spoiled by the Coloured Raine palettes that I’ve been using lately.

One thought on “Fotd all the new things

  1. Now I am bitter that I didn’t put that Tom Ford lipstick in my cart. In my defense I’d had some wine that evening and was placing a random order at 1am. 😛 It looks lovely on you!
    I’m still toying with getting a Too Faced palette – in general do you like their eye shadow quality? I’m not sure why I still want a palette since I don’t use them…

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