Face of the Day: Dior Expose (brown shade)

This might be the best look to come out of this quint so far. It actually turned out really pretty!

Two unfortunate things about todays post: 1) I got a new phone and I haven’t totally figured out the camera so there are some potato photos in your future. 2) I didn’t write down what I used in this look so we’re relying on my sketchy memory. That’s ok though, trials and tribulations are how we all grow as people.

To the best of my memory, I used Make Up For Ever “Vanilla” as a base and “Latte” as a transition. I know I used the dark brown shade from the quint all over the eye. And I think I used the light green in the center of the eye but it could have been a combo of the lighter colors in the palette. I also used Rimmel Exaggerate eye liner in the water line and tight line and Maybelline Total Temptation mascara. No clue if I actually put any makeup on my face or not. It’s always a crap shoot with that.

I feel like the brown shade in this quint is actually really lovely. The other shades are ok, but they don’t have a lot of “oomph”.


  • I am obsessed with the Punisher series on Netflix. I binge watched the whole thing and I’m totally ready to re-watch it immediately. Frank Castle might be my dream man.
  • I installed a pull up bar in my house! Now I just have to learn how to actually do a pull up.
  • I really want another cup of coffee right now, but I don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee just for one cup. Is 4:00 too early to switch to scotch? My laziness has reached new heights.


One thought on “Face of the Day: Dior Expose (brown shade)

  1. What phone did you get?
    Do you use liner in your waterline regularly? I’ve tried it a few times and it always ends up looking terrible.
    Oooh a pull up bar. I will never in my life do even one pull up and that’s just sad.

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