Multi-Chrome Madness!

Hi friends! It is a happy mail day in my house and I thought I’d share some of that happiness with you. Also, I wanted to rave about this company just a little bit. Ok, maybe more than a little bit.

This is my second order from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, and I’m just incredibly impressed. If you’ve ever ordered from an indie brand, then you know that turn around times can sometimes be weeks. It’s just kind of how things go when you have one person working from home filling however many orders plus usually working a full time job. BUT…both of my orders from Dawn Eyes shipped in less than two days and arrived approximately 2 days later. It’s actually kind of amazing. The first time I ordered from the brand, I got an email from the owner saying that she was pretty busy and might not ship things for a day or two. It turned out that she shipped immediately anyway, but I thought that was incredibly nice. So, rave review for the brand’s customer service and turn around time!

I’m also all set to rave about the products too. I’m just going to bombard you with swatch photos now and let them speak for themselves.

From top to bottom on the swatches:

Ravishing, Heavenly, Otherworldly, Entrancing, Mysterious, Dazzling, Captivating and Fantastical

The left side of my arm is bare, then there’s a layer of Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion in the middle and then a layer of Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue on the far right.

I went photo crazy and I’m not even sorry. Neither are you because these eyeshadows are GORGEOUS.

Here are a few close up photos. Because you know  you want more photos. Just admit it ok!

And in case you just didn’t think that photos were enough, I made some incredibly high quality videos for you. I’m basically a pro you guys.

I’ll probably start getting filming award nominations any minute. Ok so there may be a reason I blog instead of YouTube. But honestly, you needed videos to see how nice the multi chrome (multi-chrome? multichrome??) shift is for these babies. So cool! I’ll try to post photos of any eye looks I do with these in the not too distant future.

Have you ordered anything from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics before? Also, where do you get your makeup inspiration from? I have basically three eyeshadow looks that I do that I know will work with my eye shape (and let’s face it, skill level) and I just do variations of those three looks. Do you ever branch out and do something totally different?


  • Happy Friday!!!
  • Gray Cat and I are in hard core chill out on the couch mode today. At some point I might have to be productive but I’m putting it off for as long as possible.
  • I’ve been trying to learn guitar and the pad of my left index finger has been asleep for three days now. That’s normal right? O_o
  • My Foreo’s battery died (after something like 2 years) and I can’t seem to get it to re-charge. I’ll go check out their trouble shooting tips on their website, but I’m hoping it magically starts working. Dang technology.

3 thoughts on “Multi-Chrome Madness!

  1. Hello! I’m such a bad blogger pal… 😛

    I love the look of duochromes but they never look as amazing on the eyes compared to swatches. If only we could walk around with stripes of duochrome swatches on our arms and admire them throughout the day…

    PS. Yes it’s totally normal to lose sensation in the fingers from playing guitar. Eventually you’ll just build a callus there if you continue.
    PPS. Happy new year and hope you’re keeping well! ❤

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