Fotd – Fyrinnae Stained Glass

I know the last few face of the day posts have been pretty scattered. I’ll do full reviews on all of this stuff eventually. Right now I’m kind of enjoying just bouncing around amongst my stupidly insane amounts of new products.

I recently hauled a few Fyrrinae eyeshadows so here’s the first look I did with Fyrrinae’s Stained Glass (this is from their Exquisite line of shadows).



  • Diorskin Nude Air Powder in Light Beige


  • Transition: MAC Uninterrupted and Buon Fresco from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette
  • Lid: Fyrinnae Stained Glass
  • Inner corner: Primavera from the Modern Renaissance palette
  • Mascara: L’Oréal Lash Paradise
  • Waterline: Rimmel Scadaleyez in Black

I recently started using an eye cream (gel actually) that claims to work as a primer as well. It does kind of achieve that when used with pressed shadows but it isn’t really primer-y enough to work with loose shadows. The application was fine but the look really disintegrated throughout the day. I’ll try this shadow again with a proper primer and see how that changes things.

In photos this comes across as a beautiful beetle wing kind of shade but in real life this has some insane shift. Most of the time it is as you see in the photos, but it’s one of the truest duochrome eyeshadows I’ve seen. Just like with a good duochrome nail polish, the edges of where the light and shadow meet are a purple/red/gold/teal shift. It’s pretty insane. I’ve rolled my eyes at some of Fyrrinae’s claims with their Arcane Magic line (although the shadows are lovely, I don’t buy the whole “it looks different to other people than it does in the mirror” thing). But this? This is magical. I love it. I can’t wait to play around a bit more and see what kind of looks I can actually achieve with this eyeshadow.

So much for a quick bite sized post. I guess I was feeling chatty today. I have lots of thoughts ok!

One thought on “Fotd – Fyrinnae Stained Glass

  1. This does look like a beetle wing effect! I picked up a few Fyrinnae eye shadows ages ago (all in various shades of taupe lol) but hardly ever use them… but I also don’t want to part with them either! 😛 Do you have the Fyrinnae Pixi Epoxy? I love it.

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