Essence Amazed By You – Nail of the Week

Happy Friday! I feel like I’ve been extra brain dead this last week so I’m glad to have fewer mental demands on my poor gray matter. This manicure is actually from a couple of weeks ago but I’m behind on my polish posts. This polish is really such a gorgeous shade. It reads as a […]

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NOTW – Rimmel Rags to Riches

Rimmel has completely changed their polish line since this shade was released many moons ago. So sadly, we’re looking at another discontinued nail polish but I’m actually hoping that you can tell me what some contemporary alternatives to this shade would be. I can’t really find anything similar in my collection and to my knowledge […]

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NOTW: aengland Camelot

I know that black creme nail polish is pretty easy to find and most polish lines carry them. However, aengland‘s black creme polish is really nice. Camelot is very nearly a one coater and if you are even slightly more skilled in polish application than I am (I do hope for your sake that you […]

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Essie Bikini So Teeny + Sally Hansen Pearl Crush in Shell and Tell – Claws of the week

My nails are normally of the teeny tiny stubby squared off variety but I’ve recently had the opportunity to grow them out into full blow Tyrannosaurus Rex claws. It’s amazing and terrifying and ridiculously impractical all at the same time. Behold my dinosaur claws of the week! At the time that I’m writing this, I’ve […]

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Essie Fiji

Today’s nail polish is actually a permanent shade that is easily accessed at your nearest drugstore! Now isn’t that nice. Essie Fiji White based pastels can sometimes be a little tricky during application and Fiji is no exception. It’s not difficult or bad it just has a tendency to apply a little streaky. I usually […]

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NOTW: Essie Demure Vix

Essie seems to be a “love it or hate it” kind of brand. I fall squarely in the “love it” camp and Demure Vix just reinforces my positive opinion of the brand as a whole. Demure Vix is a nude mauve with a slight lavender duo-chrome that is subtle and sophisticated. Basically this is a […]

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