Independence Day Nails – Formula X Prophecy (with a sneaky dash of Orly Fireball)

Happy Independence Day! Or if you’re not in the US, happy Saturday! Formula X Prophecy was a limited edition nail polish (womp womp) and if you missed out on it, you can console yourself with this: while it is undoubtedly the prettiest blue nail polish I own, it chips like nothing else in this world. […]

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Nail Polish Compilation!

Sometime life gets bonkers. And when life gets bonkers, I sometimes forget things. Things like rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, calling my friends, or posting the gobs of photos of awkward hand poses and finger nail polish swatches that are haunting my photo stream. So today I bring you a post with multiple […]

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Holy Huge Haul Batman!

This week has been a bit…odd. Work was kind of intense all week, a dude tried to sell me a gold chain “for my man” in the parking lot at the gas station,and our AC was down for the count for most of the week. Let’s just take a second to honor all of the […]

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