Nail Of The Week: Formula X Brushed Metallics in Ambitious

Ambitious is a slightly dirty shade of goldenrod that almost gives an impression of an olive shadow, although there is no actual green in the shade itself. I really love this unique color a lot! It feels almost like a neutral nail polish despite actually being a funky colorful shade. The man says it’s baby poop colored but seriously ya’ll, if your baby is pooping gold…


This color is totally my jam so I really dug wearing this polish BUT, and it’s a big but, there are some rather unsavory characteristics of this polish as well.

First, like the other two polishes I’ve tried from this line, this chips like I don’t even know what. It didn’t make it through one workout without chipping and had noticeable tip wear within 24 hours. It just carried right on chipping for the rest of the week as well.

Secondly, my nails are now yellow. Like, smoked two packs a day for 40 years kind of yellow. I really really hate that.

The good part of the polish was all in the application and color. It dries quickly (as mattes do) but not as quickly as Motivated and Prophecy from this line. It also has a slightly thinner consistency than the other polishes in this line so it is easier to get an even application.

Overall, despite adoring this color, I wouldn’t repurchase this as the combination of chipping and staining were deal breakers for me.

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