Independence Day Nails – Formula X Prophecy (with a sneaky dash of Orly Fireball)

Happy Independence Day! Or if you’re not in the US, happy Saturday!

formula_x_prophecy formula_x_prophecy_with_orly_fireball_undercut

Formula X Prophecy was a limited edition nail polish (womp womp) and if you missed out on it, you can console yourself with this: while it is undoubtedly the prettiest blue nail polish I own, it chips like nothing else in this world. I painted my nails yesterday, waited for them to dry completely and then took a shower and that was a bit too much for this polish and now I have tip wear. From showering.

I’ve also been really into painting the underside of my nails while they’re long. I keep thinking of it as the nail version of an undercut. I dig it. That red is Orly Fireball from their summer 2015 neon collection which is still available to the best of my knowledge.

I hope you’re having a wonderful 4th of July!

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