ILNP – Cozy Mittens

Today we’re wrapping up this round of ILNP nail polish posts and we’re going to finish with a bang! Do you love flaky polishes? Holographic polishes? How about metallics? Or maybe you’re more of a neutral kind of person? Well if you said yes to any or all of those, Cozy Mittens might just be […]

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ILNP – Showtime

Let’s talk vampy holographic nail polish! ILNP describes Showtime as: Showtime is a lavishly rich holographic nail polish with a deliciously deep and raspberry finish. Showtime was specifically formulated to have an extremely saturated and juicy feel to it. It almost looks wet most of the time! Perfectly accented with assorted sizes of holographic pigments […]

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ILNP – Diablo

ILNP totally has me figured out. Every so often they’ll send me a cute little email with a sneaky little coupon and I mean honestly, who can resist a coupon? Clearly not me. Before I delve into the photos of Diablo, I want to just share a couple of photos of the packaging on this […]

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ILNP – Bishop

A while back I ordered three nail polishes from ILNP and today I want to take a quick look at the last polish from that order, Bishop. (The other two were Spiced Eggnog and Cygnus Loop H) If you are a green or gold nail polish lover then you really might just NEED Bishop in […]

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ILNP – Cygnus Loop (H)

Howdy! I mentioned previously that I made my first purchase from ILNP and that said purchase was initiated by my desire to own their shade called Cygnus Loop (specifically the holographic version because I’m all about that sparkle life). Well today, I’m here to say that I have zero regrets as far as this nail […]

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ILNP – Spiced Eggnog

Quite some time ago I read a review of ILNP Cygnus Loop nail polish and totally fell in love with it. I then proceeded to do that thing where you waffle back and forth and put items in your cart an then talk yourself out of purchasing but go back to the website a few […]

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Camp Cosmetics Gypsy

In the interest of full disclosure, I THINK that this particular eyeshadow was a gift with purchase. However, it’s been a really long time since I placed my order with Camp Cosmetics and I don’t have the invoice any more. We’ll just go with it being a gift. Regardless of how I came by this […]

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NOTW – Rimmel Rags to Riches

Rimmel has completely changed their polish line since this shade was released many moons ago. So sadly, we’re looking at another discontinued nail polish but I’m actually hoping that you can tell me what some contemporary alternatives to this shade would be. I can’t really find anything similar in my collection and to my knowledge […]

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