MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul

Sometimes I have a very hard time pairing blush with my eye looks or lipstick. It seems really easy to make a choice that sends my face over the edge from “edgy and cool”HAHAHAhaha.ha. balanced to garish. So rather than try to wipe blush off my face and start over (PITA), I value having a shade on hand that just works with anything. Warm Soul is definitely one of those shades. In part, it’s because it’s on the sheer side but also, it’s a good neutral color that just doesn’t clash with anything.

I really love the way mineral blushes look in the pan. There’s something very satisfying about the swirls of color. Warm Soul is described as “a mid tone beige with gold pearl”
MAC has recently changed the packaging a bit for their mineralize line so this is the older packaging. To my knowledge they haven’t reformulated the actual product.
Ok ok, so it really looks like nothing when it’s swatched.
Why U no swatch good Warm Soul?
There’s color there I swear!
I think I’ve mentioned that I suck at blush photos on my face…so let’s talk about faux undercuts for a minute instead! You can’t see the whole thing here, but I just braided the side of my head and pretended to be Natalie Dormer for the day. It was delightful. It made me want an undercut. But then I remembered this one time in high-school when I actually had an undercut (that’s right, I’m a badass) and I remembered how HORRIBLE it was growing it out. (End tangent)

From the MAC website:

A blush that builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage.

Baked minerals refined into a powder formula provide an exceptionally sheer application. Lightweight formula glides onto skin to achieve luminous colour that builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage. Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a pearlized shimmer.
MAC doesn’t actually seem to make any crazy claims here which is refreshing!
Wear Time: I don’t notice any particular fading with this. Occasionally and only with certain skin care products, this will oxidize a bit and go a tad more orange than it is when first applied.
Texture: Soft and smooth, easy to apply without going over board and definitely buildable. Also quite blendable.
Pricing and Availability: $27.00 for 3.2g/.12oz available from the MAC website or from MAC counters.
Overall I really enjoy this blush. It gives that finished look without giving a “made up” look. Normally I dig the made up look…but that’s not the point! The point is, that if you’re looking for a natural blush that will literally work with anything, this is a nice option.
Have you tried this blush? I’m curious about what this would look like on other skin tones. I think it would be great on really fair skin but I’m not so sure if it would show up on tan or dark skin. Although, it could be a really pretty golden shimmery highlight shade maybe? And if you have a very cool complexion and have tried this, I’m curious if you love it or not.
  • I have been weirdly thirsty all day long. I just can’t seem to drink enough water!
  • I am a vision of sparkly iridescence today. Eyeshadow, nails, highlight, earrings, it’s all sparkly and pearly. It might be a bit much but I might not care either.
  • Gray Cat was sick this morning and he tried to blame it on his sister. Cats are weird yo.

12 thoughts on “MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul

  1. I have this! This blush had been SO raved about and I finally bought it and was SO let down by how it looked on me – just a faint dusting of gold shimmer. I actually gave it away because I was less than impressed. But then my friend who I gave it to actually found another Warm Soul in her stash and asked if I wanted it back – she also said I might be blind because the blush was a lovely warm bronzey peach. Turns out that when the blush was new, the top layer was just shimmer (not sure if there was an over spray) and after my friend used it for a bit, it scraped off the top layer and the actual colour was a great neutral as you said. Also, I read somewhere that the new version of this in the new magnetic compact isn’t the same colour – apparently it’s more pink or something?
    Also, where’s the tidbit? I see nothing.

    1. Ooo thanks for the heads up on the Tidbits! It’s sorted now I think.
      I had completely spaced that I wasn’t over the moon about this blush when I first purchased it! It definitely got less glittery/sparkly after I used it for a while. I have another MAC Mineralize Blush that is WAY more gold on my face than I was anticipating…I’m going to try wiping it down to see if that one has an overspray too.
      That’s kind of a bummer that the formula is different. Maybe they nixed the weird overspray business though! I’m glad Warm Soul ended up ultimately working out for you!

  2. Ok, first of all, no such thing as too much shimmer. Second of all, you /are/ a badass! Third, great review! What a pretty shade. =) Hmm… doesn’t Milani have a dupe of this? Would have to check! Either way, it looks fantabulous on you.

    1. I needed justification for my shimmer obsession, thank you! 🙂
      Aw shucks! ☺️
      They might have a dupe actually and Id be willing to bet that if they do, the quality would be a little better. Although, some of their baked blushes can be straight up glitter bombs.

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