October 2015 Empties

Last month I got caught in a cycle of “I’m almost finished with x so I’ll just wait a few days for an empties post.” Two days later: “Yay x is finished! But I’m so close to finishing y, I may as well wait a day or two.” So now we’re in the last week of October and I’m writing what initially started out as September Empties. Now that I’m thinking about it, that basically sums up all of 2015.


Let’s look at hair products first:

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color and Radiance Hair Masque

schwarzkopf_essence_ultime_1_minute_treatment schwarzkopf_essence_ultime_1_minute_treatment_label

Product Rundown: This was a nice hair mask, my hair felt soft after using it, but it wasn’t anything extraordinary (to be honest, I seriously doubt that there is an extraordinary hair mask. They’re all pretty good, and that’s about as good as I think we can hope for). I will say that this mask smelled really nice. Sort of a soft floral vanilla scent.

I purchased this at Walmart.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Yes based on the scent alone. But I tend to have a very short attention span when it comes to hair products. I like trying new things.

Nexxus Recharging Elixir from the Youth Renew Line

nexxus_youth_renewal_rejuvenating_elixer nexxus_youth_renewal_rejuvenating_elixer_label

Product Rundown: From the Nexxus website:

Enriched with concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein and Liquid Pearl, our Youth Renewal Elixir is proven to combat 8 visible signs of aging hair. This breakthrough formula nourishes vulnerable hair deep within, replenishing and revitalizing each strand for visibly youthful looking hair.

Um…what? As if we don’t have enough shit to worry about as we get older, now we have to worry about aging hair? Not only that, but there are 8 separate ways that our hair shows signs of aging?! Not cool man, not cool. Also, this product did jack shit for my aging hair. But it smelled really really nice. BUT…it was hella expensive. Like over $20 expensive. I am extremely susceptible to marketing schemes and scare tactics. It’s a problem.

I purchased this at Walgreens.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase:  No

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Hair Oil

Someday I’m going to start a beauty product brand and the titles of my products are all going to be two words. “Hair Oil”. Or better yet, one word! Oil! Let the people figure out what to do with it!

loreal_total_repair_multi_restorative_dry_oil loreal_total_repair_multi_restorative_dry_oil_label

Product Rundown: This is one of those hair oils that is best to use at night and on wet hair because it tends to make hair look a bit greasy. It smells like peaches though! Not sure it actually does much for my hair.

Purchased at Walmart.

Number of Times Purchased: 2

Would I repurchase: Maybe just because I like the scent a lot. That’s the theme this month!

Moving on to Skincare:

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion – PM

cerave_om_facial_moisturizing_lotion cerave_om_facial_moisturizing_lotion_label

Product Rundown: This is a fairly light lotion that is more of a gel than a lotion as far as consistency goes. This lotion gets some rave reviews and undoubtedly has some really good ingredients! However, I have dry (I’m starting to suspect that it’s sensitive and some of the dryness is actually irritation but that’s a whole different post) skin and this just didn’t cut it for me in the moisture department. It made my skin really soft but I would actually feel dry and a little itchy about half way through the day. This might be great for someone with normal or combo skin though. It does “absorb” quickly so it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

Purchased at Walgreens. Or CVS. I can’t remember.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: No

Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

benton_snail_bee_high_content_steam_cream benton_snail_bee_high_content_steam_cream_label benton_snail_bee_high_content_steam_cream_box_4 benton_snail_bee_high_content_steam_cream_box_3 benton_snail_bee_high_content_steam_cream_box_2 benton_snail_bee_high_content_steam_cream_box_1

Product Rundown: I really loved this lotion. I didn’t have issues with itching or dry patches when I used this and my skin felt soft and smooth. It doesn’t completely “sink in” so it creates a bit of a barrier against moisture loss (I’m a big fan of this). My issue with this is that I’m not really 100% convinced that the whole snail slime and bee venom thing is particularly awesome for the snails and bees. Every day that I used this I would wonder if bees had to die or snails were tortured just so my face wouldn’t itch. I just didn’t feel good about using this despite loving the actual product.

I purchased it from Cosmetic Love on Amazon.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase:  Maybe. I would have to do significant research to feel ok about using it again.

 Rohto Hada Labo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist

rohto_hadalabo_shirojyun_albutin_milk rohto_hadalabo_shirojyun_albutin_milk_label

Product Rundown: This is a moisturizing toner (lotion) with a consistency that is very slightly more viscous than water. The product is clear and dries down/sinks in fairly quickly. It does leave the skin feeling slightly tacky for 20 minutes after dry down but that goes away once you apply serum or moisturizer over it. Basically it adds a small amount of additional moisture to my skin.

This is relatively inexpensive (around $11.00) and I purchased this on Amazon from Japan-Subculture.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Maybe.

My Beauty Diary Mexico Cactus Sheet Mask


Product Rundown: I’ve talked about this sheet mask before, I think a box of these comes with 10-14 sheets? This is a nice sheet mask but I have to tear the sheets to get them to fit my face.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Meh, maybe. I would try other masks from this brand and this one is good, it just doesn’t do anything so amazing that I feel like I can’t live without it in my life.

L’Occitane Hand Cream – Delightful Rose

loccitane_delightful_rose_hand_cream loccitane_delightful_rose_hand_cream_label

Product Rundown: My understanding is that every Christmas L’Occitane releases hand cream with a 20% shea butter content when they normally have something like a 10% shea content. I have no idea if that is actually limited to Christmas or if that’s just beauty folk lore. (I talked myself out of my laziness and according to the website, they have 20% shea content creams available all the time. Now I don’t feel so special anymore.) In any event, I bought a trio of hand cream last Christmas and this is the final tube from said trio. The scent was a little like sugared rose petals which was nice, rose, but not JUST rose. These are good hand creams, I like them but I don’t like them more than my Tokyo Milk Dark hand cream and I’m not entirely convinced that there aren’t cheaper options available. This does not keep my eczema at bay unless I apply it multiple times during the day and ain’t nobody got time for that.

I purchased this from Sephora but you can purchase directly from the L’Occitane website as well.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Probably not but I didn’t dislike the product so…probably not. O_o

Kiss My Sass Wiggle Wash – Beach Bum


Product Rundown: This was basically a jello jiggler with soap. Very cool concept and I’m not going to lie, I got a kick out of using this initially. I used this as hand soap and the trouble I had with it was that it started disintegrating after a few uses and giant blobs of jello stuff would crumble into my sink. It wasn’t horrible but it was annoying. This, like everything else in this post apparently, smelled REALLY FREAKING GOOD. I would provide a link to the website but for some reason there are no bath and body products showing on the site any more.

Number of Times Purchased: This came in a Lip Addicts Anonymous subscription so I’m not sure that counts as “purchasing”…man, I’m getting loopy over here.

Would I repurchase: No

Fortune Cookie Soaps Butter Beer Bath Oil


Product Rundown: Butter Beer Bath Oil. Do I really need to say more? This smelled amazing although the alcohol scent was more “rum” than “beer” but it was really nice. The Boy says this smells like a cappuccino which I can also see. This was not the most moisturizing bath oil in the world but it was nice. I have a couple of other products from this scent collection that I love.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: No. I would purchase other products in the line though! This just doesn’t beat my monoi oil however good it smells.

Christian Dior Creme de Rose

dior_creme_de_rose dior_creme_de_rose_label

Product Rundown: This is a lip balm with a price tag that makes me a little uncomfortable. I think this was in the $30.00 range which is INSANE for what you actually get. The balm itself is incredibly smooth and very comfortable but it only lasts for 15 minutes or so and I almost think it leaves my lips more dry than before I applied the balm. It does smell like rose which is interesting in a lip product. Overall I really enjoyed this for the splurge that it was, I felt super fancy every time I used this.

I purchased this from a Dior counter.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Probably not.

Kate Spade Twirl Perfume Sample


Product Rundown: This was a pretty generic perfume. It was light and floral and girly and unoffensive (or is it inoffensive? I can never remember).

Number of Times Purchased: Sample

Would I repurchase: No

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation x 2

revlon_colorstay_whipped_foundation_2 revlon_colorstay_whipped_foundation

Product Rundown: This is possibly my favorite foundation that I’ve tried so far. I wear foundation so rarely that it almost always expires before I even make a dent in it (these guys are at least 3 years old I think…). HOWEVER, this has a nice demi matte, medium coverage finish that looks pretty natural. It didn’t do anything weird and it was comfortable.

I probably bought both of these at Walmart but they’re available at any drugstore that carries Revlon.

Number of Times Purchased: 2

Would I repurchase: Yes

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

loreal_true_match_lumi loreal_true_match_lumi_label

Product Rundown: This is my second favorite foundation. I’m throwing it out because it’s a few years old and the last time I wore it I had some major breakouts afterwards so I’m assuming it has turned to the dark side. It’s a light coverage, dewy finish foundation that creases ever so slightly after a full day of wear but nothing unmanageable. It does have sunscreen which I’m not crazy about.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Maybe.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser


Product Rundown: I like this actual product a lot. What I don’t like is the stupid freaking twist up top. I’ve had multiple tubes of this and every last one of them broke so I can’t actually get to the product inside without breaking the entire container apart. I’m done I tell you! No more of this nonsense!

Number of Times Purchased: 5?

Would I repurchase: No! Didn’t you hear me? Finished I say!

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer


Product Rundown: This is a thicker consistency than the L’Oreal highlighting pen, more of a concealer than a highlighter. I didn’t love this when I first opened it but it grew on me and I may actually like this as much if not more than the L’Oreal version! It definitely lasts longer than the L’Oreal, but it creases just a tad if I don’t buff it in with a brush.

Available at all drugstores.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Yes

Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagant Mascara


Product Rundown: This is a nice “full fan of lashes” kind of mascara. It’s one of the few higher end mascaras that I would actually consider purchasing. I dig it.

MUFE is available at Sephora.

Number of Times Purchased: I’ve been through 2 sample sizes I think.

Would I repurchase: I would say yes based on quality of the product, but realistically, I probably won’t ever be willing to shell out for this product. I am a cheap bastard.

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

loreal_magic_nude_liquid_powder loreal_magic_nude_liquid_powder_label

Product Rundown: I got sucked in by the promise of a liquid to powder formula. This looks nice on the skin, it maintains my skins natural texture, but man oh man does it cling to dry patches. And it smells quite strongly of weird chemicals. I’m throwing it out because it has long since expired.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: No

Josie Maran Argan Color Sticks


Product Rundown: Cream blush with argan oil. These are somewhat sheer and pretty dewy. They don’t last all day, but they fade gracefully. I’m actually throwing these out because they’ve gone rancid, not because I hate them or because I managed to use them up.

Pricing and Availability: From the Sephora website (or the Josie Maran website). Around $23.00

Number of Times Purchased: One of these came with a set and one was given to me by a friend.

Would I repurchase: No

Lip Balm: EOS  Visibly Soft Lip Balm – Coconut Milk and Burt’s Bee’s Hydrating Lip Balm


Product Rundown: Both products smell like pina colada, both products are on the waxy side and both products do nothing for my lips besides create a short lived barrier. I used up most of the EOS balm before it went rancid but I only made it through half of the Burt’s Bee’s. Both of these are available from the drugstore.

Number of Times Purchased: I’ve been through multiple balms from both of these brands but this is the first time I’ve purchased either of these particular products.

Would I repurchase: No

Darling Girl Primped and Primed

darling_girl_primped_and_primed_packaging darling_girl_primped_and_primed_product darling_girl_primped_and_primed_label

Product Rundown: Eye primer. This was really nice initially, it didn’t give my eyeshadow a weird texture like most primers and it worked as a good sticky base. I had no complaints! BUT…even though I religiously wash my hands before I dipped my fingers into this, it still got contaminated or went off, I’m not really sure what exactly happened. Basically it ended up giving me a huge rash on my eyelids that itched and was horrible. Now that was months after use, I had no problems up until then (you can see how much of the product I actually used up) but I have to say, it was a bad enough experience that even though the product was good, I won’t be re-purchasing it because it’s in a jar and I just feel like there is unavoidable contamination with that whole situation.

I purchased this from the Darling Girl website.

Number of Times Purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Nope, but it makes me sad to say that!

What have you used up recently? Have you hit pan on a product that you’ve been trying to use up? Are you sad about using up a favorite?


  • I just hit CTRL+T (for Tidbits…) instead of CTRL+I for italic. Yep, it’s been one of those days.
  • I also ate a banana after dinner as my dessert and it was just way too much on top of dinner, I’m feeling uncomfortably full. This just goes to show that just because a food is technically good for you, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.
  • I started reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson yesterday and it’s wonderful. You should start reading it immediately so we can discuss.

13 thoughts on “October 2015 Empties

  1. I’m always swayed by the smell of hair products. I tried going fragrance free with shampoo and hairspray but I hated them!
    I think the whole trend of anti-aging hair products are complete BS. Hair is DEAD. The only way to revitilize hair is from the inside out.
    Good to know about the CeraVe PM – I’ve been curious to try it and I always thought it was a heavier lotion so I’m surprised to hear you call it a light lotion.
    Wow I can’t believe there’s a snail + bee venom cream out there! I’m just testing the snail gel now and I’m REALLY unsure how I feel about it or if it’s doing anything special? I have to use it longer to really give an opinion. Do snails and bees get hurt in the making of those products?!!!
    That Rohto Hada Labo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist is on my to-buy list! My friend loves it and it seems to be a cult favourite among Asian Beauty enthusiasts. Not sure how I feel about the stickiness factor but I’d likely use this at night so it’s not AS much of an issue.
    Hmm re: L’Occitane. No, it’s not true that at Christmas they bust out the 20% shea butter. They have 20% shea butter all the time:
    They might have special scents at the holiday time, that’s all. 😉

    k I need a break and will come back to comment on the rest LOL.

    1. Exactly! I don’t get why hair product companies keep pretending that hair is alive. It’s bizarre!
      I was expecting a heavy lotion as well. Right now I’m using the new CeraVe lotion (the Skin Renewing Night Cream in the teeny tiny purple tub) and it IS a thicker lotion. So far I’m liking it but it’s also more expensive than the PM lotion which is a bummer.
      I know right‽ I am not 100% sure these types of things aren’t just a gimmick. I’m interested to hear how you feel about the snail gel after you’ve used it for a while. I really don’t know how the little bugs fair with these things, I need to buckle down and try to find out. I know that the author of Skin and Tonics did some research into at least one maker of the snail slime products and it seemed to be a pretty harmless process but that’s all I’ve really heard about it one way or another.
      I accidentally purchased another Rohto Hada Labo lotion (there are about five variations and I’m easily confused) and I’m using it now and really like it a lot. It’s slightly less sticky too. The stickiness is kind of hard to explain, it’s not sticky like honey but it’s slightly tacky. The bottle instructs you to press the product into your skin with your hand until your face kind of sticks to your hand…I think I’m making this description worse not better.
      The special scents of lotion makes more sense actually.
      You are the rockstar of comments! 🙂

  2. Hmm that Dior balm sounds like a completely rip off!
    I’m going to have to try that Revlon foundtion one of these days – I’ve heard mostly good things about it!
    Awww don’t give up on the Maybelline concealer… I am willing to overlook the sponge thing because of how awesome the product is. Maybelline, if you’re reading, Gym Bag Makeup is going to stop using your concealer – please change the packaging!
    And YES, I love that Dream Lumi pen – so amazing for a drugstore product.
    Yeah the L’Oreal Magic foundation feels nice but it’s not the best foundation for dry skin. Also, it doesn’t last well on the skin – it rubs off.
    I really like that EOS coconut milk balm – I own so many EOS balms but that is the one I’ve been reaching for most often lately.

    1. Technically it really is! I enjoyed it but it was definitely not worth the price tag when it came down to it.
      I really like it. The thing I hate about wearing foundation is the way it feels on my skin but the Revlon Whipped minimizes the greasy icky feeling.
      Lol! Have you had the twist up bit break as well? Maybe I’m just weirdly rough and breaking the thing with my Hulk strength? I can get past the sponge thing because I can take that off when it gets gross but it’s maddening to not be able to actually get the product out.
      I tend to overlook a lot of Maybelline’s products but they do some really good concealers. I need to remember that the next time I’m itching to try something new.
      I think I’ve owned most of the EOS balms and the formula of the coconut milk one is by far my favorite. I still don’t feel like it makes any improvements to the hydration of my lips but it is comfortable and smells really good and there is a lot of product in those balms! I had that balm on my desk at my office so I was using every day and I still couldn’t use it all up before it went off.

  3. Oh man the L’oreal “Magic” is totally not magic. I had the same experience as you: strange chemical smells and it clung like crazy to any dry skin. Also, sad to hear the Cerave isn’t that moisturizing! I’ve been looking for a new non-SPF moisturizer and Cerave keeps popping up in reviews, but my poor dry sensitive skin would definitely need something more moisturizing. Back to the drawing board for me! 😛 Why is finding a good (non fragranced, cheap) moisturizer so hard? Haha

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that didn’t find the L’Oreal foundation magical 🙂
      I’m using a newer CeraVe night cream that I’m liking a lot, it’s thicker and a heck of a lot more moisturizing (it’s the purple and white tub) but it’s more expensive too. The curse of the dry skinned folk is no joke! They know we’re desperate and totally take advantage of that.

      1. That’s sure the truth! The second they add “moisturizing” or “night cream” to a label, it always jumps up in price, blegh. Someday some amazing company will make a superb actually-moisturizing cream that’s at least under $15. That’s the dream!

  4. OK, gonna throw it out there, try Dollar General’s Nighttime Firming Cream. It’s like three bucks, you get a lot of product, and it keeps my skin super moisturized, even in this 30 degree and windy weather we’re getting here.

    For the record, I can’t believe how many empties you have. I envy you. I don’t think my yearly empties would be so long. </3

    1. sweet! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely try that out. I feel like northern/western winters are the true test of moisturizers. I do not miss the windburned frozen skin situation very much.
      That’s actually really funny because I was just reading someones empties post and marveling at how many things they had! 😀 To be fair though, there are a few of these that I’ve been working my way through for a really really really long time. It’s probably better to have fewer empties, I always feel like such an eternal consumption engine when I write empties posts 🙂

      1. So true. =o Hah, better to buy stuff and use it up than to buy it and let it sit around, imo! But maybe that’s the addicted blogger in my talking. 😉

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