Maybelline The Blushed Nudes

Maybelline is busy releasing eye shadow palettes like it’s going out of style and their most recent release is The Blushed Nudes palette. 


The format remains unchanged with six pans in a palette roughly the size of an iPhone 5. As with the first palette (and as the name might imply), this is a neutral eyeshadow palette. The overall color scheme is dusty rose and taupe. 



With regards to pigmentation, Blushed may be the best palette in the line yet! 

(All swatches were achieved with 3 swirls in the pan and a single swipe across bare skin.)



I purchased my palette at Walmart although there wasn’t a specific display for it, it was just tucked in with all the other maybelline eyeshadow and I haven’t seen it again since nor have I seen it at other retailers. I had a similar experience with The Brights Palette and I haven’t seen The Smokes Palette since it was first released and nothing but the original Nudes palette seems to be available online. I’m starting to question reality, maybe I only THINK I have this palette! In all seriousness, the marketing on these palettes has been very questionable. 

I find that these shadows apply on the eye better than they swatch. They were easy to blend, wore all day and I didn’t have trouble with creasing. The consistency of the shadows is pretty hard but on the same level as all of Maybelline’s eyeshadow. 

The Blushed Nudes is 9.6g/.34oz and I purchased mine for $10.00. I assume you would pay a similar price…if you can find the dang thing. 

Were you able to find this palette anywhere? Do you know if these are limited edition? 

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