Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Fall 2014

MUFE has been coming out with some pretty sweet stuff lately and one of the more enticing of their recent releases is this lovely little Fall themed eyeshadow palette.


This palette is exclusive to Sephora and as far as I can tell, includes shades from their permanent line (which has recently been re-formulated).

The stats:

Eight eyeshadows
Each shade contains 1g/.03oz
Palette includes a mirror and two small brushes
Retails for $42.00
1 x matte shade and 7 x shimmer/metallic shades





From the Sephora website:

A limited-edition eye shadow palette featuring the season’s must-have shades to perfectly complement your favorite eye looks.

What it does:
MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Artist Palette combines everyday neutrals with the season’s on-trend colors for shades that range from everyday neutrals to deep, jewel tones. Created with an exclusive blending process, its unique gel-powder formula has a silky texture that is incredibly easy to apply and blend. It’s super-saturated with ultra-fine, atomized pigments for intense color, leaving a smooth, even finish. Shades can be mixed and matched to complement your fall wardrobe




All of these eyeshadows are a superb consistency, they are creamy and smooth and highly pigmented. They also blend quite nicely although I find that it’s easy to over blend (it’s ALWAYS easy for me to over blend so maybe that isn’t really saying anything).

I do notice a moderate level of fading within the first three hours of wear along with some creasing. When worn over a base both of these issues are mitigated.

The shade I-550 (the lavender shade) had the most noticeable fading and creasing issues.

I was not able to get good photos of all of the shades applied, but here are a few samples of how the shades look on the eye. (I know you were hoping to see more super awesome eye photos right? Just agree, it will make me happy)

The usual disclaimer: I am (obviously) not a makeup artist or a photographer. The photos below are a bit washed out so not exactly true to life.





One of the things that impressed me the most with this palette is that every shade in the palette compliments every other shade in the palette. I love that!

Overall, I really have enjoyed using this palette, each color is lovely, it’s easy to work with, and the palette itself is nice and compact. I do think that it’s necessary to use some kind of sticky base to keep everything in place and that’s a bit of a bummer.

While this isn’t my new favorite palette, it is a really pretty collection of colors. As advertised, it is perfect for fall but these eyeshadows will be perfect anytime of year and it’s a lovely palette for incorporating a little color into your daily eyeshadow looks.

2 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Fall 2014

    1. It’s a really pretty palette! I do think that the colors are relatively dupeable and I find I don’t reach for it all that often. But it really is gorgeous and nice quality! That probably wasnt helpful at all 🙂

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