Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather in Creamy Beige

When it comes to finding a good cream eyeshadow from the drugstore, Maybelline Color Tattoos are the answer. Maybelline has managed a long wearing, crease resistant, affordable cream product in a variety of shades and they frequently come out with limited addition shades. Every so often they actually add new shades to the permanent line which is even better than limited addition shades. The only beef I’ve had with the Color Tattoo line so far is that the majority of the shades are shimmery. They’re beautiful, but I want variety dang it! The Leather line that recently launched is a nice departure from the normal shimmery offerings. It also looks like the Leather line is a permanent addition to the Color Tattoo family which is exciting!



The only shade I have from the Leather range is Creamy Beige and this is a really nice base shade for any neutral look you might create. It’s also a nice shade when worn alone for an instant, subtle smokey eye. This shade is not 100% matte, but has a slight sheen to it that is only visible in direct light and makes the product look like it’s part of your skin. There are no noticeable shimmer particles, just an overall glow if you will.



The stats:

$6.99 depending on where you purchase
Five total shades available in the Leather collection

I get a full day of wear out of this product with no fading or creasing and when I use this as a base it extends the wear time of my eyeshadows. I also find this shade to be a little bit smoother and easier to blend than the original shades in the permanent line.

Overall I really think that if you are in the market for a neutral matte cream eyeshadow that you can’t go wrong with this.

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