Declutter: Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipsticks Part 1

I’ve mentioned recently that I’m in the midst of a major downsizing phase in my life. I just have too much stuff and that keeps me from being able to fully use and appreciate what I do have. So, I’m getting rid of a boatload of belongings. I just dropped off the first three of many boxes at Goodwill and I’m on a roll baby!

Today I thought I’d share part of this process with you.

A few years ago I fell victim to the “Gotta catch ’em all!” mentality with the Wet n’ Wild Megalast lipstick. Not without good reason because the formula of this line of lipstick is freaking stellar. However, I never wear them. I have issues with the packaging (the lipstick bullet never retreats below the top of the tube so I’m constantly nicking the lipstick on the lid and creating a mess. Also, the lids tend to fall off of these if you carry them in your purse.) and I have so many of them that it’s actually a chore to pick out a shade to wear.

I’m giving you fair warning, there are a boatload of photos in this post. I wanted to swatch everything because these really are nice lipsticks. Lipstick? I’m never sure about the pluralization here. This will be the first of two installments on this particular lipstick line so let’s get down to it!

One more thing before we get started; I am bad at finding full on dupes but I did do a bunch of swatch comparisons for these so you get an idea of what they look like in relation to other shades you may own. The swatch photos with just two swatches are a single swipe of the lipstick (on the left) and then built up to full opacity (on the right. NOW let’s get down to it.

Wine Room

Wine Room is actually a stunning shade. But I’ve only worn this once in the last two years and that was last week when I pulled all of these out of storage. This just isn’t a shade I reach for so it’s getting destashed. If I ever find myself in need of a pink I’ll go repurchase this. Or Rose-bud. Because holy moly are they similar.

Sweet Cream (LE)

I was originally going to keep Sweet Cream, it looks really nice in the photo! But in person it’s just to pale for my skin tone so I destashed it. I didn’t swatch them together but this is also similar to the permanent Bare it All shade in this line.

Sunset Stripped (LE)

Sunset Stripped was part of a holiday limited release and I kept it because a gold glitter lipstick has novelty appeal. But I don’t use it. I’ll never use it. I tried layering it over a few shades but it just didn’t wow me. Obviously I have nothing else like it in my collection so I just swatched it next to a few metallic/glittery shades. Destashed.

Sunset Siren (LE)

I just can’t even with this shade. It’s amazing. It’s an exact dupe for Urban Decay’s F-Bomb (I even did a wear test with both lipsticks on). I have so many reds…but I really love this lipstick. It’s actually the only one I kept out of this whole batch.

Smokin’ Hot Pink

If you’re in the market for a bright (but not neon) pink, this is a nice shade. It’s just not for me. Destashed.


Another lovely pink! If you like pink lipstick you really should check out the Megalast line. I am not a big fan of pink lipstick on myself. Pink everything else but the pink lips thing just doesn’t do it for me. Destashed.

Purty Persimmon 

I love orangey reds! But…I never wear them. This is a stunner though! I destashed it.

Coming In Latte (LE)

I’m not actually a fan of this shade at all. It just doesn’t do anything for me. Destashed!

Clothing Optional (LE)

That full face photo gives me the heeby jeebies. No bueno. Destashed.

902c (Once they started giving names to the shades this got Bare it All)

This is still a little too pale for me. A nice shade but not terribly flattering on my skin tone. Also, I’ve had this since the Megalast line went by number designations rather than shade names so it was probably time to pitch it. Destashed.

Pros to the Megalast line:

  • This is one of the most comfortable lipstick formulas (drugstore or high end) on the market.
  • Wear time is very good, 2+ hours (for me that’s about as good as it gets)
  • They wear off gracefully.
  • No scent.
  • No sunscreen.
  • A wide range of shades.

Cons to the Megalast line:

  • The packaging is very cheap feeling.
  • It’s easy to ruin the lipstick with the cap.
  • The caps don’t stay tightly secured.
  • Not a big fan of the round bullet shape.

Since I destashed most of these I know it seems like I must not like the lipsticks but that isn’t the case. These are good lipsticks! I just get no use out of these shades and I don’t need this many lipsticks that go unworn in my collection.

So I started this post with 10 tubes of lipstick and downsized to 1. That feels pretty darn good!

Do you destash your makeup collection? I seldom do but when I get the bug I go big. How often do you declutter? What do you think of Wet n’ Wild lipstick? Do you have any of these? Do you have a favorite shade from the line? Let’s talk about it!






5 thoughts on “Declutter: Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipsticks Part 1

    1. Yes, exactly! And then you feel all panicked that you need to use older lipstick before newer lipstick because it’s going to go off and THEN by the time you get around to the new lipstick…it’s gone bad. It’s a horrible cycle lol

  1. I have the “Gotta catch ’em all!” mentality with so many makeup products. Why is this?!
    I own one of these lipsticks (the shade “Mocha-licious”) but I found it drying. I wonder if it was that particular shade?
    Sunset Siren looks amazing on you! Definitely a keeper. I own UD F-Bomb and I’ve worn it ZERO times.
    I cannot imagine Clothing Optional to be flattering on ANYONE! And I kind of want Wine Room now…
    This is a great process of elimination – I thought about doing this with my upcoming lipstick purge but it will take too long. I’m just going to track the ones I am getting rid of, photographing and tossing them! 😛

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Although I think someone should do a study on that phenomenon. I’d really like to know why I think I need every single shade in a line of products.
      I find with the Mega Last lipstick that if the tube is old they can get drying. Maybe that was it?
      Clothing Optional was HIDEOUS! And I call anyone who thinks otherwise a total liar.
      You should definitely wear F-Bomb! It’s such a gorgeous shade. I’m bad about actually wearing red lipstick in public though. So much maintenance!
      I kind of dig this process too! Half of why I have so man makeup items is because I want to swatch them on the blog or review them before I throw them away. Realistically that won’t ever happen so at least with this process I get the swatches in and I can go back and reference them later.
      On the other hand this process may take me the rest of my life lol. Your way seems much more efficient!

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