FOTD- Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Queen Mother

I’m really digging this short face of the day posts to lead up to a palette review! I’d love to know if you feel like I’m bombarding you with posts or if you like this. It definitely makes writing a review a little less daunting to essentially do it bit by bit.

Today I am showing a look that used a little bit of the shade Queen Mother.



Just a fair warning, I forgot to write all of this down today so I’m going by my rather sketchy memory. So there are gaps.

  • Urban Decay Color Corrector in Peach
  • MAC Blush in Warm Soul


All eyeshadow is from the Queen of Hearts palette.

  • Base: Heir
  • Transition: Dethrone
  • Inner and outer corner: Dethrone
  • Lower lashline: Dethrone
  • Center lid: Queen Mother
  • Waterline: Urban Decay Eldorado
  • Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise



  • Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Warm Caramel

So the purples in this palette aren’t quite as easy to build up as the other colors. I’ll have to play around with the a little more to see if I can get them to pop as nicely as the other shades. Everyone always says purple is a tricky color (no idea if that’s true but it certainly seems plausible).

Overall I dug this look! I started out wanted to do a single shadow look with Dethrone but changed my mind halfway through.

3 thoughts on “FOTD- Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Queen Mother

  1. It is true, purple eye shadows are notoriously difficult to get right – something to do with the pigment or something. This one looks decent the look you created looks great! (omg how many times I used the work “look” in a sentence!)

    1. Thank you! I’m going to do another look with this shade again tomorrow. These shadows are a little weird in that patting them on doesn’t produce the best results but swiping them on makes the most pigmented metallic coverage ever. I only realized that AFTER I had used this shade. So this may be a totally amazing purple.
      I need to look up the whole purple pigment thing. I’m really curious!

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